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CUT THE CHEESE: FUDGE DRAGON v1.0.1 Apk Android Game (1.0.1)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

Help Sir Flatulence feed the King’s men by swiping to cut the flying cheeses.
EXCUSE ME SQUIRE! Please help Sir Flatulence feed the King’s men by swiping to cut through the flying cheeses. Make sure to catch the special cheese to increase your score. But watch out for that pesky Fudge Dragon, he’s a real stinker! WHOOPSIE!
Sign up for OpenFeint and proclaim your marvelous cheese cutting skills through achievements and leaderboards.

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Bubble Shoot v1.1 Apk Android Game (1.1)

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Fun and addictive bubble shoot game!
Another classic bubble match-three game come to Android Market.
Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up,and try to get 3 stars on each level.
How to play:
1.Tap where you want the ball.
2.To group 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.

Tips: Breaking the bubbles continuously can get points as bonus.
- Arcade Mode,clear all the descending bubbles.
- Puzzle Mode,use the limited bubbles to clear all the bubbles on the screen.
- Having 180 different and challenging levels.
- Having starry night,mountains and other beautiful scenes.
If you like this game, please let your friends know.
Also try some of our other free games, including "Yoo Ninja","Pumpkins vs. Monsters","Jewels Deluxe"and"Tiny Robots".
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Zombie War v1.4 Apk Android Game (1.4)

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Zombie War
It's time to kill zombies boy. Are you ready?
Daniel is a soldier who was appointed to control the zombie epidemic in the world. He is a strong soldier and knows a lot about guns:
-Chainsaw Zombie War
-Machine gun
-Fire gun
-Electric gun
-Explosive mine

The zombies are in the city, in the jungle, desert, on Route 66, and abandoned villages.
If you want to win, don't let Daniel die and make sure the zombies don't escape.

Another thing! Have more fun with good music.
If you like games like Zombie City Zombie Village, Plants vs. Zombies, Zombie Dash, Commandos, Cabal, Blood Bros,
CONTRACT KILLER: ZOMBIES this game WAS made for you.

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Bria Android - VoIP Softphone v1.2.0 Apk Android Application

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Bria Android Edition – the Mobile SIP Softphone with Voice, SMS, IM and Presence
Bria Android Edition is a SIP-based softphone for your Android OS devices, brought to you by CounterPath – the award winning provider of desktop and mobile VoIP software products and solutions.
**IMPORTANT NOTE: Bria Android Edition is a standalone softphone and not a VoIP service. A SIP server or subscription with a SIP-based VoIP provider is required to make calls.**
Featuring superior security settings over other mobile VoIP products, Bria Android Edition allows you to make and receive voice calls over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection on your Android device via an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. Bria’s enterprise-grade calling functionality includes the ability to swap between two calls, merge calls and perform attended and unattended transfers and more.
Bria Android - VoIP Softphone
NEW!! Messaging and Presence Available – Premium Feature Add-Ons
You can send text-based instant messages and see when your contacts are available. Link to your Google Talk or Facebook accounts to chat with your friends in real-time. Add your enterprise IP PBX account and IM with other employees in your company or contacts in your address book. XMPP and SIP SIMPLE protocols supported. This feature can be purchased within the application under the Premium Features tab.
Premium feature add-ons for Bria Android Edition also include a G.729 low bandwidth audio codec. This feature can also be purchased within the application under the Premium Features tab.
Standard Phone Features
• Support for 8 accounts on any SIP-compliant server
• Pre-defined VoIP Providers list available when adding new accounts on the Accounts screen
• Multi-tasking support for background operation, such as fielding incoming calls while using other applications
• Call display and voicemail indicator
• Voicemail support
• Speakerphone, mute and hold
• A detailed call history pane that displays dialed, answered and missed calls, along with ability to delete entries
• Contact List – leveraging the phone’s native address book
• The ability to work with the native dialer (a.k.a. Call Intercept)
• Ringtones and contact avatars
• Dial plan support (softphone-side)
• Multiple call support - swap between two active calls; merge and split calls; transfer calls
• Audio codecs include G.711a/u, G.722, GSM, iLBC and SILK
• Automatic codec selection to ensure optimal call quality
• DTMF support: the ability to enter number into an auto attendant via RFC 2833 or SIP INFO
Advanced Features
• NAT traversal – Application Managed, Server Managed or User Specified; Global IP Support; STUN and ICE
• Media efficiency and quality – Noise Reduction, Echo Cancellation, and VAD (Voice Activation Detection)
• QoS (Quality of Service) - ToS Marking
• Security and Encryption via TLS and SRTP
• Logging support for trouble-shooting
• DNS SRV record lookups
In-App Purchases
• Presence and Messaging
• Link your Google Talk, Facebook (XMPP) or other SIP-compliant instant messaging/chat platform to chat with your contacts
• Enable your enterprise IP PBX account to send and receive instant messages with colleagues
• Send and receive text messages in real-time
• See when your contacts are available
• Send SMS messages to PSTN numbers (subject to VoIP provider’s SIP SIMPLE/SMS gateway support)
• G.729 low bandwidth audio codec
• Provides excellent audio quality
• Ideal for connections with limited bandwidth, such as 3G
• Reduces the amount of data used during a call
The following accessories are supported:
• Headset with microphone: Bria uses the ear-piece and microphone on the headset.
• Headphones (no microphone): Bria uses the ear-piece on the headphone and the built-in microphone on the phone.
ITSP/Operator/Enterprise Features
Bria Android includes features specifically designed for business and enterprise users, including:
• Optional customized branding for graphic assets and SIP settings
• Additional security settings
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Game On v0.5.5 apk Android Game Download (0.5.5)

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Game On allows you to share and download game progress with other users.
$1 Introductory Beta Price. Get It Now!
Can't beat that game? Stuck on a particular level? Game On allows you to unlock levels of supported games by downloading data shared by other users through the Game On network. Game On is a unique application where you can download game data uploaded by other users so you can take advantage of their game progress. You can also upload your own progress to share with other users.Game On
There are currently over 60 games hosted on the Game On network with more being added all the time and with the ultimate goal of building a library of thousands of games and game progress files for users to download and enjoy. To use Game On you will need to have a rooted device (there are non-root and iOS versions currently in development and should be ready for prime time in the first half of 2012, hopefully sooner, rather than later).
The Game On app will automatically compare the games installed on your device to those supported by the Game On network and allow you to share your data from those games. You can conveniently browse through all the game data and easily download and install it to your device. All the data you download is stored locally in case you wish to reinstall it. Best of all, you can discover new games that may not be on your device and download them directly from the Android Market.
Game On is currently in beta status and while every effort has been made to release a stable, working product, bugs can and should be expected. Please report them to me via email so that they can be fixed. Bug reports in Android Market will not be read and therefore, are of no value.
To see the full list of supported games, and for complete help files, please visithttp://www.mibapps.com/index.php/game-on/. These are also available within the Game On app. Some supported game include Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Airport Mania, Apparatus, Burn the Rope, Plants Vs Zombies, Where's My Water? and much, much more.
Visit me on Twitter at @BrooklynAvi or on the web at http://www.mibapps.com/.

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CPU Control [ROOT] v1.0.0 Apk Android App (1.0.0) Full Download

by Syed Faizan Ali · 0


-Android 2.1+
-Kernel which supports Overclock and UnderVoltage(only if you want to use UnderVoltage)CPU Control [ROOT]

-Set your MIN and MAX frequencies
-Set your Governor
-Set your UV settings
-Make profiles for better controlling your CPU (now only one profile is available, more profiles will be added soon)
-Save your settings on boot
-Get info about your CPU

The main reason for making this application was that I wanted to make application related to OC/UV which will be compatible with all devices which support it, because there are lots of similar applications, but mostly of them are only compatible with some devices. This application should be compatible with the most of devices (maybe with all) which support OC and UV.

Overclock makes your device more powerful and UnderVoltage gives you better battery consumption.

Your CPU is under your control. You can choose your frequencies and set the best optimized values for undervoltage and overclock. But choose your settings carefully. First test your settings and then after a lot of testing when you'll be sure that you will not have problem, save it on boot.


Overclock and undervoltage can be dangerous to your device. So set it carefully and only on your own risk. I don't have any responsibility for consequences.

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Tuner - DaTuner Pro (Donate) v2.31 Apk Android Application (2.31) Download

by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

DaTuner Donate is a simple and responsive chromatic tuner for all instruments.
This is the professional version of DaTuner Chromatic Tuner, reviewed recently on Android Central:
"For the Android-loving musician, I think DaTuner Pro is easily the best tuner you can have on your device. I used to give that title to *see review!*, but DaTuner has proven to be so powerful, easy to use, and accurate, it'd be foolish to not use it."
Tuner - DaTuner Pro (Donate)
DaTuner is an all-purpose chromatic tuner with a simple interface. DaTuner converts the fundamental frequency to the nearest note and error in cents for quick and easy tuning of your guitar, ukelele, violin, bass, cello, mandolin, piano, harp, saxophone, balafone, Ducati timing belt, harmonica, kazoo, you name it.
Features shared with free (lite) version:
1.) Reference frequency adjustment for orchestra tuning.
2.) Auto-Sensitivity - no configuration required.
3.) Bright, easy-to-read display.
4.) Quick, accurate and precise. < 0.3 cents @ E3 (329.62Hz), <0.1 cents @ C5(1046.5Hz), < 1 cent @ A2 (110Hz)
5.) No dead zone - screen changes to green when tuning is good.
6.) Ad-free!
Extra features only in this version:
7.) Transposition.
8.) Temperaments. You can modify the ones that exist or add your own using a text editor. The temperaments are saved on your external memory under the /DaTuner directory.
9.) Notation (ie Solfége, English, English sharp, English flat, Northern European.) Customization of these will be possible in a future upgrade.
10.) Emulated strobe tuner display
11.) Digital display of error in cents
12.) Pitch pipe (triangle, sine, sawtooth, square)
13.) Pitch pipe auto mode (no touch!)
14.) choice of colours for sharp/flat
15.) Transposition
16.) Accelerated tuning algorithm.
17.) Sample rate range 8kHz - 48kHz.
DaTuner's display is easy to read; nearest note and octave is displayed in a giant, easy to read font in the center of the screen, and frequency in hertz plus error in cents is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Sensitivity is auto-adjusted, but can also be adjusted by touch via a bar on the left-hand side of the screen, and the speed/accuracy of the algorithm and the relative frequency (if other than 440Hz) can be adjusted via the configuration menu.
There is no "dead zone" with this tuner app as is the case with many other apps. Instead, the whole display turns green when the incoming frequency is within a configurable range of the target frequency and you can still see small changes in pitch even within the "in-range" area. Both the "in-tune" range and the colours shown for sharp and flat can be configured in this version. The emulated strobe tuner display provides additional visual feedback to how close to the desired note you are.
I have tried my best to eliminate bugs from this software, but as many new features have been added recently, I apologize in advance for any problems you might find. Getting feedback via email, negative and positive, is very appreciated, so please email me all of the problems that occur so I can fix them! Try out the free version of DaTuner first to be sure that you want to buy the donate version.
- Doesn't detect any notes
Turn on mic auto-adjust! Ensure that the signal rises above the little yellow bar - the algorithm doesn't run until this level is exceeded!
- Low responsiveness / Lag
If you experience lag, try reducing the "Averaging Time" setting in the configuration. The averaging algorithm is weighted so recent analyses have more impact, so even with higher averaging times, responsiveness should be Ok. I do find that the note display is still stable even if this value is adjusted all the way down to 600ms.
- There may still be a bug or 4 in pitch pipe output. Sorry.
The screen won't size properly after you change notation. Just close and reopen DaTuner after changing notation.
Download Now: Android Market

Be My Valentine Live Wallpaper v1.2 Apk Android App Download

by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

Be my Valentine will give a colorful and romantic touch to your smartphone.
Be my Valentine is the Live Wallpaper that will give a colorful and romantic touch to your smartphone.
It is a special gift for the sweethearts of every age. If you will pop the hearts moving on the background, then famous love quotes will appear framed in an ancient styled parchment.
More than 100 love quotes in the Full Version.Be My Valentine Live Wallpaper
You can change the Hearts Type that wander around your screen: Bubbles, Solid, Diamonds, Shiny and Broken.
You can change also the dimension and the speed of the hearts.
You can also select one of the five available backgrounds:
- Abstract
- Venice at Dawn
- Venice by Day
- Venice Sunset
- Venice by Night
Venice (Venezia) in Italy is par excellence the most famous city for lovers and sweethearts in the world.
If you enable the localization the Venice background will change automatically during the day.
You can also add your picture from the phone gallery as a background with three setting options:
- Stretch to fit the screen
- Preserve the size with dark strips
- Crop the image to fill the screen
Finally, you can also disable the quotes (if you don't like it), change their speed or the way they disappear away from the screen: automatically or on-touch ( the on-touch mode enables you to keep persistent on the screen a quote you like very much ).
Enjoy Be my Valentine!
The permission "Your Location" is necessary if you want the automatic changes of the backgrounds during the day.
Only when you enable the Localization the Live Wallpaper will try to find your location contacting the GPS or the mobile network locator.

In order to save the battery life the location code runs only in this moment (when you enable the localization).
So please remember that you must select "Enable localization" in the WallPaper setting again, if you are a frequent flyer or you change often the time-zone and/or the city.
Please, try the free-lite version before you'll buy it, so you can test the compatibility with your phone

Download Now: Android Market

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