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Cube Theme 4 Go Launcher Ex 1.4 (v1.4) For Android Apk Application Free Full

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Cube Theme 4 Go Launcher Ex 1.4 (v1.4) Android Apk

Cube Theme 4 Go Launcher Ex v1.4
Requirements: ANDROID 2.0 and up
Overview: Cube theme 4 GO Launcher EX is available now!

!!!Latest version of GO Launcher EX is required! Install it for free from the market. Search for Go Launcher Ex!!!

Designed by White Eye Design! Over 260 New Cube
Style icons, Over 200 of them change automatically, 6 new wallpaper, new folder interface
and app drawer. Download this theme and have a
completely new style of your android phone.

Features Overview:
* Over 260 icons in Cube Style
* Over 200 of them change automatically
* 10 Dockbars (differnt Colors)
* 6 wallpapers
* 2 Appdrawer Backgrounds (transparent and Cube)
* New folder interface

How to install:
1. Search for the latest version of Go Launcher Ex. install and run it
2. Install the Theme (Please Do Not open directly after it's installed)
3. Back to GO Launcher EX: MENU > Themes.
4. Choose and apply "Cube Theme" theme.

If you see no difference Cube Theme 1.1:
Change to default theme of Go launcher Ex and go back to the Cube Theme Version 1.2

Change wallpaper:
1.MENU > Wallpaper > Go Wallpaper.

Change icons:
Some devices may not change the icons automatically.
1.Tab and hold an app in desk screens.(Not available in app list.)
2.Replace > Theme´s icon > Choose the icon.

Clock Widget:
This is the widget "Fancy Widget Pro".

What's in this version:
10 Cube Style icons added
30 more icons change automatically

Download Instructions:


Cashbook - Expense Tracker 18.13 (v18.13) For Android Apk App Free Full

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Cashbook - Expense Tracker 18.13 (v18.13) Android Apk App

Cashbook - Expense Tracker v18.13
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Quick way to track expense,income and mileage for tax and bookkeeping purposes.


Award:#10 of "The 25 Best Android Apps for Business" --businesspundit.com
For Business: a quick handy way to track expense/income/mileage/sales/receipts for tax/reimbursement/bookkeeping purposes.
For Everyday life: track cash flow, trend and balance from anywhere and at any time.
For you, this is your Cashbook.

Feature list:
-Password protection
-Select from 27 most used currencies
-User-extendable Database: User can add, delete, rename income/expense categories, payer/payee, account, and vehicle information.
-Multiple accounts:User can create as many accounts as needed for multiple businesses or companies. User can select an account when entering a new or editing an existing income/expense/mileage record. If no account is selected for a record, "Default Account" will be used.
-Account details: Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly account details and summaries with six data type filters:
---Income only
---Expense only
---Income/expense Categories
-Charts and diagrams: Weekly and monthly charts with six data type filters:
---Income only
---Expense only
---Income/expense Categories
-Mileage Tracking: It is a perfect solution for tracking vehicle mileage for IRS/expense purpose.
-Database backup and restore
-Export/email database in CSV (for Microsoft Excel or Google Doc) or QIF (for Quicken) format.In this feature, user has seven options to specify the date range for the records in the database:
1. All Date
2. Within Start and End Date
3. After Specific Date
4. After Last Export Date
5. Today
6. This Month
7. This Year
-Auto update check
-Optional auto tips on how to use Cashbook
-Optional Splash Screen
-Receipt snapshot feature: Take/Select/View/Email/Delete receipt snapshot
-Sort by tap on column headers.
-Tip calculator
-Math calculator

System requirements:
-OS: Android v1.6 or above
-Physical Resolution: 320x480(HVGA), 480x800(WVGA800), 480x854(WVGA854), 1280x800 and higher resolutions
-Perfect for Android smart phone and tablet
-Support Android 3.0/3.1 Honeycomb tablets Motorola Xoom, Acer Iconia, Galaxy Tab, Asus Eee Transformer, etc.

What's in this version:
-New currencies for PKR and LEK.

Download Instructions:


NEED FOR SPEED Shift 1.0.70 (v1.0.70) For Android Apk Game Free Full

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NEED FOR SPEED Shift 1.0.70 (v1.0.70) Android Apk Game

NEED FOR SPEED Shift v1.0.70
Requirements: ANDROID 1.6 and up

Drive the world’s fastest cars and enjoy some of the highest performance racing action ever seen on Android.

Drive 20 cars, including the BMW M3 GT2, Lamborghini Gallardo, and Pagani Zonda.

Experience the sweeping skylines of 18 tracks in inspiring international locations (Chicago, London, Tokyo) through day and night driving. See and feel roaring engines, squealing tires, and crunching collisions. Above all, get speed, speed, and more speed!

Fine tune performance with Top Speed, Acceleration, Tires, Suspension, and Nitrous upgrades. Add custom details like spoilers, rims, specialized paint jobs, and body kits.

Jump into Quick Race or dominate the circuit in Career Mode. Select 3 Difficulty Settings (Rookie, Pro or Veteran). Track your evolution with DRIVER PROFILE.

Grab hold and push it to the limit with the most visceral and aggressive racing game on Android!

As always - due to the rich, immersive quality of this game - your download will take some time. We promise it’s worth the wait!

Be the first to know! Get inside EA info on great deals, plus the latest game updates, tips & more…

What's in this version:
* GAME UPDATE AVAILABLE! Download now for the best game experience yet! **
We’ve made additional behind-the-scenes adjustments to improve overall gameplay.

Download Instructions:

Alien Slugger 1.1 (v1.1) For Android Apk Game Free Full

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Alien Slugger 1.1 (v1.1) Android Apk Game

Alien Slugger v1.1
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Help Save The world from the aliens using only your baseball bat!

We need your help to defend earth from the evil green-skinned alien invaders!
Those aliens are well organized and are not afraid to bite! They have a mean temper.

We can offer you our best equipment for that mission! Go and pick your weapon of choice
from the… I’m getting a message from headquarters – please hold just one second.
#Gulp# It seems that the aliens have taken all of our weapons…
You’ll get the best weapon we have – a baseball bat!

Can you save a whole planet? Good!
Alien Slugger is where Pong meets Space Invaders with the newest abilities of the touch phones. Arcade game-play elements combined in the most addictive way possible on the planet!
Game Features:
- 5 different game environments.
- 10 levels of story mode.
- Survival mode.
- Kids' free-play mode.
- Power Ups and Upgrades for each game.

Download Instructions:

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Scopa Free Online 1.0.2 (v1.0.2) For Android Apk Game Free Full

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Scopa Free Online 1.0.2 (v1.0.2) Android Apk Game

Scopa Free Online v1.0.2
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Scopa card game with online multiplayer wifi bluetooth & leaderboards


Scopa free version of the full cowlab Scopa HD card game.
With this free version you can play multiplayer online matches (powered by Skiller-games). Enjoy your self and play vs online player from all over the world.

If you like this version and want more, consider buying the full version, the full version includes:
- OFFLINE multiplayer (via bluetooth/ wifi)
- play vs android in 2 game mode (basic/advanced)
- 8 set of cards
- 5 different backgrounds
- game variants
- tournaments
- and much other to come...

Download Instructions:

Mirrors :

2 Player Fishing 1.0 (v1.0) For Android Apk Game Free Full

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2 Player Fishing 1.0 (v1.0) Android Apk Game

2 Player Fishing v1.0
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: This is a battle game of fishing, 2 player fishing game.


oppisite sides are for 2 players to catch the fishes in the middle, there are 5 levels for you to choose, the kid, easy, normal, hard and crazy, each level provides you the unique and beautiful fishes to be catched.

You can play this game with your children, your lover, your friend, your parents, and so on, I think you will get a lot of fun from it.

Wish you like it : )

Download Instructions:

Mirrors :

The Infinite Black 0.12 (v0.12) For Android Apk Game Free Full

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The Infinite Black 0.12 (v0.12) Android Apk Game

The Infinite Black v0.12
Requirements: Android 2.0 and up
Overview: FREE Massive Multiplayer Online space combat and exploration!


The Infinite Black is an amazingly massive multiplayer online space combat and exploration game produced exclusively for Android portable devices -- and it's 100% FREE!
Choose the path of humble space trader, intergalactic warrior, or corporate overlord! You have complete control over your destiny!
* Upgrade and customize over 10 different unique ship templates!
* Fight your way through a hostile galaxy populated by thousands of other players, aliens, pirates, and more!
* Join up with friends to form powerful Galactic Corporations and battle it out for control of rare planets, resources, and shipping lanes!
* Run missions, terraform planets, harvest resources, dispatch fighters, hunt down bounties, colonize a planet... The possibilities for fun and adventure are endless!
* Completely FREE TO PLAY!

The Infinite Black is a Massively Multiplayer Online game (MMO) that requires an active network connection to play. You will be connected to a vast universe populated by thousands of other players just like you, each with their own goals, reputation and achievements!
Perks are available for purchase via Android Market's in-app billing system -- touch the coin button in the bottom left of the screen while playing.
IMPORTANT: This game is currently in BETA! Although it is polished and bug-free, mechanics are subject to change at any time!
Please keep this in mind when reviewing the app! We are just getting started -- tell us your ideas and we WILL implement them!

Download Instructions:

Mirrors :

DroidZebra Reversi 1.2 (v1.2) For Android Apk Game Free Full

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DroidZebra Reversi 1.2 (v1.2) Android Apk Game

DroidZebra Reversi v1.2
Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: DroidZebra is advanced Reversi program based on Zebra Othello Engine written by Gunnar Andersson. Features:
- difficulty levels from beginner (practice mode) to world-class play
- opening book with more than 500,000 positions
- unlimited undo


Download Instructions:

Mirrors :

TTPOD v2.4.1 Final (2.4.1) For Android Apk Application Free Full

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TTPOD v2.4.1 Final (2.4.1) Android Apk App

TTPOD 2.4.1
Requirements: for all Android versions
Overview: TTPOD MUSIC PLAYER(Android) is a platform built specifically for android sounding player, the player every day sounds not only inherited the old Symbian platform high quality.


Everyday sounds TTPOD MUSIC Player (Android) is the first self-developed decoder, set playback, audio, search, download and many other functions in a completely free cell phone music player, not only inherited the old Symbian platform every day, high-quality sounds , visually stunning, rich lyrics and songs picture download, super skin replacement heart function, while constantly on the touch screen experience optimized to provide user-friendly operation to download, and safety certification by the 360, whether you are in the QQ chat or visit the website at UC, even when playing the angry birds, you can enjoy a pleasant day to bring you a new experience listening to music, playing music is an essential tool Muzhiyizu.

[Features] new version

1 optimization songs scanning, significantly increasing the scanning speed;
2 new self-developed WMA decoder, no longer worried about the system itself does not support wma format;
3. Increase the sound fade switch (default on)
4 part of the interface UI to adjust
5 increase the pop-up menu background darkening effect when the dialog box
6 original songs top of the list to add the button to adjust the design to increase the number of songs displayed
7 songs completed filter tips to increase the number of filter songs
8 auto horizontal screen, set to adjust to off by default
9 reduce installation package size, repair some of the known BUG

Recent changes:
1 optimization songs scanning, significantly increasing the scanning speed;
2 new self-developed WMA decoder, no longer worried about the system itself does not support wma format;
3 to increase the sound fade switch (default on)
4. Part of the interface UI to adjust
5 increase the pop-up menu dialog background darkening effect
6. the song is completed filter tips to increase the number
7 . reduce installation package size, repair some of the known BUG
Less description »

Latest version: 2.4.1 (for all Android versions)

Download Instructions:


Star3Map 1.9.3 (v1.9.3) For Android Apk Application Free Full

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Star3Map 1.9.3 (v1.9.3) Android Apk App

Star3Map v1.9.3
Requirements: Android1.6+
Overview: We got satellites. We got planets. We got stars and constellations. Act now!

Star3map will enrich your life and make you a better person. (Disclaimer: The previous statement is not true.) But - star3map IS a satellite tracker, and planet, star, and constellation viewer for mobile phones and tablets. It uses your current location, current time, and current satellite data to show you what is currently in your sky. Use it to find the International Space Station or Hubble Space Telescope or hundreds of other fascinating things roaming across the dynamic canvas of your night sky!

* Shows satellites, planets, stars, and constellations.
- solar system computations using white paper by Paul Schlyter
- satellite TLE data from NORAD feed at celestrak.com
- uses sgp4 c++ port

* Sky View mode ( planetarium sky map view )
- tag satellite flyby by touching a satellite as it goes overhead
- tag planets, stars, and constellations by just tapping on them while in the view
- share tagged objects with friends on your Facebook feed

* Earth View mode ( view earth from space )
- shows "you are here" marker with proper orientation for what your device is pointed at
- day / night shading
- satellite viewing bands indicate when satellites are visible in your sky

* Choose from:
- Brightest satellites
- Favorite satellites
- Amateur radio satellites
- Iridium constellation satellites
* Displays paths of satellite fly-overs
* Uses location services to determine your global position
* Uses NTP ping for accurate time
* Night Mode to reduce eye shock
* Facebook integration:
- publish the satellites you've spotted
- update your favorites list at http://home.xyzw.us/star3map/user.php
* Updates data when network connection is available
* Uses cached copy when away from network

If you have any problems, please email android@xyzw.us. I will respond quickly and provide an update if there is a bug in the software. If I am unable to fix your problem in a timely manner, I will refund you promptly. I want you to be happy, because your positive review is the only advertising I do.

 Download Instructions:

Mirrors :

MultiLing Keyboard 0.48.1 (v0.48.1) For Android Apk Application Free Full

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MultiLing Keyboard 0.48.1 (v0.48.1) Android Apk App

MultiLing Keyboard v0.48.1
Requirements: Android OS 1.5+
Overview: Multilingual keyboard (IME).

Based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread keyboard with extra features

★ Small apk size
★ Inherit all the features from Gingerbread keyboard
★ T9, compact qwerty, Emoji, smiley faces, Edit Mode, Num Pad ...
★ Voice input
★ Fast switching languages (Swipe or long-press space bar)
★ Hide keyboard with swipe out gesture (with gesture option enabled)
★ For bigger space bar, hide the settings key
★ Touch word correction
★ Qwerty / Azerty / Qwertz / Dvorak / Left Hand / Right Hand / Colemak under Latin settings
★ Themes, keyboard size, font size...
★ Auto correction: Type approximately and let MultiLing correct it
★ User dictionary
★ Word learning

★ Gestures:
↓: Hide IME/Keyboard
→: Toggle handwriting/keyboard
↗: Delete or clear writing pad for Handwriting mode
↑: Toggle Keyboard Sizes
★ Accents key (for certain language only):
and so on...

★ 나랏글
★ 手寫識別
★ Thai compact layout

What's in this version:
★ Misc. fixes

Download Instructions:


GMail Label Notifier 0.999994 (v0.999994) For Android Apk Application Free Full

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GMail Label Notifier 0.999994 (v0.999994) Android Apk App

GMail Label Notifier v0.999994
Requirements: for all Android versions
Overview: Per-label notifications for GMail!

Options include:
* Vibration pattern (inc. morse code)
* Notification sound
* LED Colour (depending on your device, not all supported)
* Icon colour (10 delicious colours to choose from)
* Notification repetition
* Override silent mode
* Multiple accounts
* Disable notifications depending on time of the day

Also includes widgets:
* customisable icons (select an image from your gallery as your homescreen widget)
* a selection of normal mailbox/label icons in a multitude of colours
* customisable names
* show/hide name, zero count, total message count

Problems/feature requests? Check the website ( https://sites.google.com/site/androidlabelnotifier/faq ) for more details before emailing me please! I don't have the time to respond to every request alas, and alot of your questions and problems are answered there!

Also *please* don't leave bug reports as comments on the market, i don't check them often and it's unlikely i'll be able to respond!

* Android gmail app
* Syncing enabled for labels under the main GMail application
* No task-killers please!

Recent changes:
Added: Force IMAP mode option for accounts (long press on account name)
Added: Stackview widgets for Android 3.0+! See screenshots.
Added: Clicking widget now cancels pending notifications and alarms for that label
Fix: Various imap-related widget issues
Added: Context menu option for deleting account from main screen
Added: New widget layouts for tablets
Beta Update: IMAP Fallback added (as a bonus, the fallback means the app can work on tablets now!)

Download Instructions:


Maverick Pro 1.95 (v1.95) For Android Apk Application Free Full

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Maverick Pro 1.95 (v1.95) Android Apk App

Maverick Pro v1.95
Requirements: Android OS 1.5 and up
Overview: Off-road GPS navigator with offline maps support, compass and track recording.

Use offline maps and GPS even without an internet connection. This app is great for hiking, boating, geocaching and other outdoor activities.

* Google, Bing, OSM and many other maps
All maps automatically cached for offline use. Use Mobile Atlas Creator to download maps or MAPC2MAPC to convert maps from other formats.

* Share your current or planned position
You can send address, GPS coordinates, link to Google Maps and even map image.

* Navigate easily
Build-in radar shows the direction, distance and estimated time to a point of interest. See all the nearest locations from FourSquare and Footprints.

* Save places you visit
All waypoint stored in KML file and can be viewed and edited in Google Earth.

* Record tracks with single tap
Tracks are recorded in GPX format and can be viewed in Google Earth and other software. Share GPX files via email or DropBox.

* Upload tracks to GPSies
Free account is required for uploading.

* Trip Computer
Watch speed, altitude, pitch and many other values.

* Tablet-ready
Basic support for Honeycomb devices.

What's in this version:
Tiles downloading from Google Maps was disabled by request from Google.
Option to adjust compass in portrait and landscape modes.
Fixed OSM Cycle and Yandex maps.

Download Instructions:


Wyse PocketCloud Pro Remote Desktop 1.2.237 (v1.2.237) For Android Apk Application Free Full

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Wyse PocketCloud Pro Remote Desktop 1.2.237 (v1.2.237) Apk App

Wyse PocketCloud Pro Remote Desktop v1.2.237
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Access your computer, files and windows apps securely from your mobile device


PocketCloud enables fast and secure remote access to your Windows PC, Mac, Virtual Desktop or TS from your mobile device. Access your files and run apps from anywhere!
PocketCloud standard features:
- Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablet support
- Three connection options:
- RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
- VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
- Auto Discovery (through your Google account)
- Intuitive User Interface
- Multitasking
- Touch Pointer: high accuracy screen control
- Auto Discovery: hassle-free setup
- Keyboard auto-activation
Extra PocketCloud Pro features:
- Access multiple computers
- Pinch-to-Zoom
- RDP 256-bit NLA/TLS encryption
- VNC 128-bit encryption
- RDP sound with auto-bandwidth mode (Windows Pro, Ult. & Ent. only)
- Auto Discovery with 128-bit encryption for VNC
- Auto-fit and extended resolutions for RDP
- VMWare View support
- Secure Tunneling for VNC Auto Discovery
- 3rd party app integration (URL scheme)

What's in this version:
-New Features:
-Mac OS X (Lion) authentication support
-RD Gateway support (This feature is experimental. If you have any feedback after using this feature, please email us at androidsupport@wyse.com)
-Issues Addressed:
-Android 3.2 screen size fix.
-External keyboard function key support
-General application stability improvements.
-Support for hardware volume keys.

Download Instructions:


Baby ESP 1.5.5 (v1.5.5) For Android Apk Application Free Full

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Baby ESP 1.5.5 (v1.5.5) Android Apk App

Baby ESP v1.5.5
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Baby ESP is a baby tracker that helps you easily track your baby's activities


Know at a glance the time since baby's last meal, nap or diaper change.
* Used by thousands of parents!
* Tracked over 1 million diapers changed and 1 million nursing sessions!
* Five star rating with over 1,900 ratings!
* Free 7 day trial app available, search for "Baby ESP Trial"
Basic Features:
- Track both Naps and Night Sleep
- Track Breast Feeding Sessions
- Track Bottles
- Track Diapers
- Track Medicines
- Track Breast Pumping
- Track Baths
- Track any number of children
- Track any custom activity or medicine you want to add
- Quick access from widget
Advanced Features:
- Sync your data between multiple devices so Mom and Dad can keep up with baby!
- Get reminded when it's time for medicine or any other activity
- Detailed statistics show you averages and totals of all activities
- Charts show you how your baby is changing over time and can compare multiple babies
- Daily journal for notes and pictures
- Share you data with anyone quickly and easily through email
- Post charts to Facebook or Twitter
- Store notes with any activity
- Search within the app for any activity type, note or journal entry
- Customizable main screen for access to the data most important to you
Created with tired, stressed parents in mind, Baby ESP makes entering baby's activities as simple as pressing a button.
Time for others to care for baby? Just hand them Baby ESP! Easily transition to babysitters, grandparents, and other caregivers. The simple, intuitive interface lets others easily view baby's daily activities and enter new information. Now you will know what baby did while you were away, eliminating the questions "How long since he ate? How much did she eat? Did he take a nap?"

What's in this version:
-Bug fixes and performance issues

Download Instructions:


App Uninstaller + APPtoSD v4.0 Ad-Free (4.0) For Android Application Apk

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App Uninstaller + APPtoSD v4.0 Ad-Free (4.0) Android Apk App

App Uninstaller + APPtoSD 4.0
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: The fastest way to remove multiple apps with three modes. And support APPtoSD.

This app provides the fastest way to remove multiple apps. Please select the apps, and click the "Uninstall the checked apps" button. App Uninstaller provides three types for your use:
(1): All Apps
(2): Recently running Apps
(3): Recently installed Apps

In 4.0 version, APPtoSD function is added. You can select multiple apps, and start to move. And please press the "back" button on the phone, then it will turn to the next app sequentially. At this time, you can repeat the same moving action. Besides, this app will detect the recently installed app, and pop up the notification if the new app supports APPtoSD.

Do you need to do some heavy-duty Spring cleaning on your smartphone? Do you have apps you just don't use or don't want anymore on your Android device? Cleaning out your phone of unwanted apps can be time-consuming and daunting. Wouldn't it be great if there was a fast, efficient way to uninstall those aging apps without the hassle?

App Uninstaller- Bulk support is a utility for Android that really cuts to the middle of the task at hand. You don't have to wait forever to load all those apps and then go through them, one-by-one, for deletion. Choose the apps you want to delete just with the tap of your finger as you scroll down your list of apps. Then just tap the uninstall button, and confirm as each one is easily ridden from your phone and memory.
V3.0: Add the recently running apps and the recently installed apps. Please note: the later one only shows the apps which are installed from this update.
V2.0: Support the multiple selections
V1.0: Support the Quick Uninstall on the status bar.

* Uninstall unwanted apps quickly and easily
* Three types for speeding up your selection: Running Apps, Recently installed apps, and all apps.
* Free up app storage space
* Clean out your phone to improve performance

What's in this version:

In 4.0 version, APPtoSD function is added. You can select multiple apps, and start to move. And please press the "back" button on the phone, then it will turn to the next app sequentially. At this time, you can repeat the same moving action. Besides, this app will detect the recently installed app, and pop up the notification if the new app supports APPtoSD.

Download Instruction:


Apparatus v1.0.3 (1.0.3) Android Application Apk Free Full

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Apparatus v1.0.3
Requirements: Android OS 1.6+
Overview: Build a complex machine to perform a simple task.

Connect cables from batteries to motors, build bridges, set up teeter totters,
swing with ropes, build vehicles, or just let the marble have a happy roller coaster
ride to the goal!

Use the hammer or the wrench to connect planks, wheels and other objects together.

Creativity is essential in the gameplay Apparatus. If you don't have the patience to figure
out the challenge levels, why not just play around in the physics sandbox and build whatever
comes to mind? Upload and share your levels in the community section or download and
comment on other players' levels.

The early levels will teach you how to play the game and go through some basic concepts.
The more you progress the more freedom the levels provide, many levels can
be solved in many different ways.

Every time you complete a level, you can go into freebuild mode and modify the level
however you like. If you make the level better, or just harder, you might want to
upload it to the community section and let other people play your modified level.


Officially supported phones and tablets:
* Nexus One
* Samsung Galaxy S
* HTC Desire HD
* HTC Desire
* Samsung Galaxy Tab
* ZTE Blade
* ZTE Light
* Acer A500 Tablet

A minimum processor speed of 600MHz is recommended. A screen resolution of 800x480 or higher is recommended but the game runs on lower resolutions.

Disable sound effects and music from the main menu.
If the game still runs slow, when in a level click the menu button and choose "Graphics Settings". Disable shadow effects and put the rope/cable quality at 50%.

When playing a level, click the menu button and choose "Graphics Settings". From there, disable shadow effects.

What's in this version:
HOTFIX * 2: rocket engine bug & "null" in menus
New object: Rocket engine
New object: Electricity hub
New object: Remote switch for batteries & rocket engines
Undo functionality (20 undo steps)
Autosave main challenge levels, close & come back at later time
10 new background images
Improvements to controls
New app icon
Bugfix: Wooden motor suddently wans't possible to nail to other objects
Bugfix: force close in sandbox when too many objects
Bugfix: Other rare crashes


Guitar Hero 6: Warriors of Rock Android Game Apk Free Fullversion

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Guitar Hero 6: Warriors of Rock
Requirements:ANDROID 2.1 and up
genre: Music/Rhythm
3 MB | May 2011
Glu Mobile, a leading global publisher of mobile games, released another version of Guitar Hero 6: Warriors of Rock for Android smartphones. The newest version includes more songs in full length to rock out to. Plus you can rock out like never before as you earn achievements and share your scores with millions through Open Feint. The game is $7.99 in the Android Market.

The fate of Rock is in your hands! Become a Warrior of ROCK!
You must download the high quality audio file to get lyrics
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is the latest installment of the mega-hit Guitar Hero franchise. Guitar Hero is a sensation around the globe and now you can own it for your Android phone!
Transform into a Rock Warrior in Guitar Hero™: Warriors of Rock. Master setlists in the all-new Career/Quest Mode until you're ready to face The Beast! Dig deep into rock opuses by bands like the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Slash.


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Assault v1.2.3
Requirements: Android 1.5 and up
Overview: New vision of classics! Great classic style tank arcade for any phone or tablet!
One of top game series on Bada, coming to Android!
Assault is a cool Tank Arcade for your phone or tablet. Your mission is to defeat the enemy on four different planets. Lots of enemies will oppose you, including heavy tanks and stealth tanks...
Each level is a separate challenge, some will be easy to accomplish, some not so easy! You should be ready to think. Your tank is not so durable and enemies are quite smart!

New vision of classics! Great classic style tank arcade for any phone or tablet!
One of top game series on Bada, coming to Android!
Assault is a cool Tank Arcade for your phone or tablet. Your mission is to defeat the enemy on four different planets. Lots of enemies will oppose you, including heavy tanks and stealth tanks...
Each level is a separate challenge, some will be easy to accomplish, some not so easy! You should be ready to think. Your tank is not so durable and enemies are quite smart!

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