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Instinctiv Music Player v0.9.9.7 ( Android Application Apk Free Full Version Download

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Instinctiv Music Player v0.9.9.7

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: Instant access to your entire music library from anywhere on your Android device
Instantly have access to your entire music library on your Android device. Paired with Instinctiv Music Player for Mac and Windows, Instinctiv Music Player for Android automatically imports your whole library of songs and playlists from iTunes, Winamp and Windows Media Player on your desktop.

Instinctiv Music Player for Android, is the first Android music player to offer true, wireless media sync across multiple desktop and mobile devices. The Instinctiv Music Player effortlessly turns your Android smart-phone into a full featured music player with unlimited access to your entire music library wherever you are. The Instinctiv Music Player brings exciting new features to music management and playback, including SyncStreamTM, a revolutionary cloud-based library management technology, IdentifiTM song ID, Instinctiv Shuffle smart mixes and much more. When combined with the Instinctiv Music Player for Windows and OS X, Instinctiv offers a truly unique music management experience.

The Instinctiv Music Player brings a unique set of features to music management:

The Instinctiv SyncStreamTM technology brings your entire music library to any device using the Instinctiv Music Player. SyncStreamTM uses cloud-based content delivery to allow users to easily play every song in your library on multiple mobile and desktop devices through the Instinctiv Music Player. SyncStreamTM works even without an Internet connection by smart caching your favorite music automatically based on your listening habits.

Instinctiv Shuffle
Using Instinctiv’s unique behavior based recommendation technology, Instinctiv Music Player will learn your musical taste and tailor playback to your mood. Either pick a song to set the mood, or if you’re not sure what you want to listen to, Instinctiv Shuffle takes control and figures out your mood by taking cues from your listening behavior. By understanding your tastes, Instinctiv creates smarter, more customized playback for each individual user without any star ratings or thumbs up cues other players require.

Identifi allows you to identify the songs you hear anywhere– on the radio, at the club or around town. Using Identifi, Instinctiv helps you build the ultimate library by enabling you to ID new music, purchase it on the spot and share your discovery with friends.

More Info:

Taber's Medical Dictionary v1.44.0 (1.44.0) Android Application Apk Free Full Version Download

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Taber's Medical Dictionary v1.44.0
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Taber’s Medical Dictionary is the most complete medical dictionary.

with over 60,000 entries, 9,000 new and revised terms, 1,000 illustrations, and 30,000 audio pronunciations. Add content to Favorites for retrieval. Link to related entries or use “See Also” feature. Navigate easily with a device-optimized interface.

Retail Supplied by: -Ripper-
Cracked by Notion.

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Download Instructions:


UberSocial for Android v7.1.0 (7.1.0) Android Application Apk Free Full Version Download

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UberSocial for Android v7.1.0
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: UberSocial is the leading full-featured Twitter client for Android!


UberSocial (f.k.a Twidroyd) is the leading full-featured Twitter client for Android, with a customizable UberBar for easy navigation.
** "Best Twitter App" -Engadget
** "Get this app" Best Android Apps, O'Reilly media
** "Top Android Essentials" -PCWorld

UberSocial for Android features:
* Multiple Twitter account support
* Customized Twitter notifications
* Conversation thread view
* Simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook
* Multiple widgets
* Retweet with or without comment
* TMI/Twitlonger service
* Twitter lists
* Integrated Tweet and user search functionality
* Tweets near you
* Fully customizable UberBar .
* Pull-to-refresh as well as shake-to-refresh.
* "Mute” feature.
* LivePreview™.
* New features such as ShrinkTweet, and Insert Symbol.

There are also new themes available as separate downloads!
Now you can welcome Twitter A-listers Ashton Kutcher and Russell Simmons --as well as your favorite pro football Tweeters --to Twidroyd:

-- A.Plus,, the mobile companion to Ashton Kutcher's desktop Twitter app, features Twitter content curated by @aplusk, including updates from Ashton and Demi and Ashton's favorite Tweeters on culture, tech, sports and travel.


-- UncleUber, where entrepreneur and thought-leader Russell Simmons highlights the biggest happenings in hip-hop, entertainment and style. Includes news from GlobalGrind.com and the rest of the Simmons family, as well as a "Question of the Day" from Uncle Rush himself.


-- Pro Football Characters, for the pro football lover in all of us. Lovingly curated by the UberEditors, this theme features a collection of the best pro football Tweeters, covering off-field antics and on-field drama, ensuring that you never miss a moment of the action.


UberSocial also features;
--Custom app themes that you can design and share with your friends from the Twidroyd Factory (http://twidroydfactory.appspot.com/)
--Curated UberChannels from leading media brands, including USA Today, Mashable, and The Hollywood Reporter.

What's in this version:
New 4x4 desktop widget displays Tweets, Mentions and Direct messages
Removed second launcher icon (Twidroyd robot)
Added option to disable Pull-to-refresh
Added inline preview support for mypict.me images
FIX: Possible crash during startup
FIX: Context menu in Retweets not showing up

More Info:
Download Instructions:


Star Traders RPG Elite v3.9.23 (3.9.23) Android Game Apk Free Full Version Download

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Star Traders RPG Elite v3.9.23
Requirements: Android OS 1.6 +
Overview: Trade, battle, pirate & bounty for galactic riches in an epic space sci-fi game.

You can copy your profile/Captain from Star Traders RPG to Elite. Use the "Copy Captain" feature under the Roster in the main menu.

Star Traders RPG Elite is a complex space simulation and turn-based Strategy role playing game. The game is set in a vast, dynamic galaxy torn apart by war, betrayal and commerce.

Experience the Elite Upgrade: Epic new content includes 2,000 new Sectors, 200 additional Zones and more than 150 exclusive art files. Take your space based adventures to a huge next galaxy.

Pick sides in a shifting war between 6 unique Factions. Pick a side (or two) and play as Merchant, Assassin, Explorer, Warlord, Pirate or Smuggler. Buy, Sell, Battle and Pilot over 100 unique craft. Discover, Explore and Quest on more than 140 planets.

For both Hero & Villain: Upgrade to RPG Elite!

Featuring a professional soundtrack this epic space opera is a hit with fans of Star Wars, Firefly, Serenity and Battlestar Galatica. Your command of the ship is under constant threat, both internal and external. Can you manage your resources, crew, offiers well to enough to turn a profit on your contracts? Those that do will be among the Faction's elite Star Heroes -- and those that fail will be branded bandits and Crimelords.

Star Traders RPG is in active development based on your feedback. Elite is regularly updated with new ships, new rumors and contract types.

Inspired by games such as EVE Online, Space Trader, Master of Orion, Pirates! and many other classic computer RPGs.

If you enjoy adventure, Action RPG or SciFi RPG with complex depth (such as Master of Orion or Mass Effect) you may enjoy Star Traders space role playing game.

Full character control and customization. Travel the galaxy in this turn-based strategy/role-playing game. Features 5 unique skills, 6 character classes, 100 different capital space craft. Customized your craft and ships with 25 different improvements.

What's in this version:
v3.9.23 - 9/10/11
Added Option to Hide Un-Available Upgrades
Doubles Ship Upgrades For Sale in ELITE
Doubles New Ships For Sale in ELITE
Clear Log Button in Ship's Log
Performance Improvements for Map
Performance Improvements for Combat



Deer Hunter Challenge HD v1.4.3 (1.4.3) Android Game Apk Free Full Version Download

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Deer Hunter Challenge HD v1.4.3
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE? The ultimate Deer Hunter experience has arrived, and it's ALWAYS open season!

the most popular and realistic hunting franchise takes you to extreme wilderness environments in search of the biggest, most prized game around the world. Use the GPS map to track and train your sights on black bear, reindeer, cougars, moose and more. Think you've got what it takes to become a master huntsman? The challenge has been issued... become a hunt legend in DEER HUNTER CHALLENGE.

• Earn experience points and become a more skilful hunter in the new career mode
• Experience far-flung hunting locations in extreme wilderness environments
• Choose from a variety of customisable weapons such as the Bolt Rifle, Shotgun, Crossbow and more!
• Earn trophies for bagging the biggest game and relive your proudest moments in the Trophy room
• Play additional mini-games and bonus rounds

- Bugs Fixes and optimizations.

More Info:
Download Instructions:


SD Files:
http://www.filesonic.com/file/1973582034/Deer Hunter Challenge hd.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/168790523/Deer Hunter Challenge hd.rar


R-Type v1.0 (1.0) Android Game Apk Free Full Version Download

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R-Type v1.0
Requirements: 2.1 and up
Let's go back in the 80's with this classic old-school shoot'em up! One of the biggest arcade game will make you travel back in the day. Be ready to have fun with this old-school side-shooter game!

The game is the challenging R-Type you used to play before. And we kept all its specifics, just the way you remember it! Fly through 8 levels with 3 different control options. Play in two difficulty levels. Upgrade with new weapons, power-ups, and attachments. Defeat 8 unique bosses and waves of various enemies.

Blast off and strike the evil Bydo Empire! Don't be shy and use your best shot to take them down! It's retro, it's fun and it's also hard to master. Be the best ever to finish this masterpiece!

Xperia PLAY optimized!

More Info:
Download Instructions:


Japan Life v1.0.6 (1.0.6) Android Game Apk Free Full Version Download

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Japan Life v1.0.6
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Can you grow your small city to a grand tourist attraction spot?
"Japan Life is a really solid game. It’s well-made, detailed and deep. If you’re looking for something new and fun, you’ll definitely find it here."
- Gamezebo.com

“Japan Life looks really slick, and looks exactly like a moving anime cartoon. The game can be zoomed in on, and zoomed out of, yet it looks good from every angle. There is a surprising amount of detail in every person building and object in the game too, with lots going on at the same time. This doesn’t mean that the game doesn’t run smoothly - it really does. The game is also one of the most colourful games I have played by far. It really looks beautiful on-screen and is a joy to watch.”

Can you grow your small city to a grand tourist attraction spot?
Immerse yourself in the beautiful Japanese architecture for that long-awaited holiday.
Will your tourist city rival the charms of Kyoto, or the glamour of Tokyo?


- Over 100 different buildings and items to discover
- Unlock new shops and decorations at every new level
- Meticulously designed and animated buildings with cute characters
- Add beauty to your city with decorations like flowers, parks and many more
- Attract more tourists and impress them with your city!
- Able to continue playing even when you are offline
- Invite your friends and collaborate to make Shop Sales more successful
- Start lots of Shop Sales to upgrade your shops into better shops
- Expand your city to attract more and more tourists
- Be the wealthiest or the most well-liked, climb the leaderboards!
- Share your glory on Facebook for all to behold!

Everyone loves a holiday - have fun building this tourist dreamland for all!
Can you be the one to let everyone relive their fond holiday memories?

Download NOW!

PLEASE NOTE: Japan Life is free to play, but some additional in-app content requires real cash payment. To disable in-app purchase, please change your device settings. Some features require internet connection to play.

Supported Devices
Samsung galaxy S
Samsung Nexus S
HTC Sensation
HTC Incredible S
Sony Xperia Arc
NEC Medias

New features in version 1.0.6

- Invite a friend via SMS and get the diamond!
- New save feature


Smart Kids Games v4.1(4.1) Android Game Apk Free Full Version Download

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Smart Kids Games v4.1
Requirements: Android 2.2
Overview: Smart Kids Games is a fun learning program for children of all ages.

Contains 15 games in one:

- Learning of letters and numbers sound animated with translation English / Spanish.

- Learn to recognize more than 100 animals including their sounds, classifieds for pets, farm animals and marine wildlife.

- Distinguishes shapes and colors and match the pieces.

- Distinguishes between colors and show your ability to move animated balls around the screen.

- Practice your memory with "Simon evolution" and "Match the cards"

- Play with fireworks and try to catch the ball.

- Learn the sound of musical instruments and play their music.

- Play puzzles with pictures of your environment.

- Skilled puzzle with pictures of the most important places in the world.

- Flash cards with letters of the alphabet illustrated with drawings in various languages.

- Listen and learn the funny sound of the more familiar vehicles.

Children can have fun playing a long time.

Besides the game to acquire the following skills by playing:

- Improve children's skills in memory, concentration and development of knowledge of their environment.
- Help with the recognition of the letters of the alphabet and learning english and Spanish languages.
- Keep the children entertained with fun sound effects and animal sounds, musical instruments and vehicles ..
- The game is adapted to be handled very easily.
- Is specifically designed as an educational tool for interface of preschoolers and later.

Keywords: game, musical instruments, gravity, sound, animal, animals, secrets, quiz, board memory, memory, simon,
language learning game preschool education, children's best games, best educational toys for children,
Tactile Skills, preschool, , Kindergarten, game animals, animal sounds, baby, memory game fun, games for children,
game, Fine Motor Skills, Spanish, Cognitive Skills, Visual Spatial Skills, little einstein, tablet, physics.

Recent changes:
Fix a bug.
More Fun

More Info:
Download Instructions:


Third Blade v1.0.2 (1.0.2) Android Game Apk Free Full Version Download

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Third Blade v1.0.2 [Ad Free & Market Version]
Requirements: for all Android versions
Overview: Adrenaline RUSH! Third Blade!

★★★ This game supports English, français, Deutsch, 한글 and 日本語. ★★★

3 types of blades—dual wield, one-handed blade, and two-handed sword—can be used to defeat all kinds of vicious monsters as you play along! The ultimate action game filled with endless battles against monsters that keep you immersed in thrill and excitement—Third Blade!

Have a taste of full action by totally wiping out horrific monsters surrounding your path! Action boosts up with exhilarating speed! Use Combo gauges that enhance your weapons into 3 stages and be part of this Exquisite Action Drama! This is what you can call REAL ACTION!

* Feature
1) 3 Weapons Used in Thrilling Action
- Dual Wield : You can get damaged but can attack enemies with rapid-fire speed as well
- One-handed Blade : Longer attack time than Dual Wield. The most safest and effective way to attack
- Two-handed Sword : Big and heavy, yet makes the most powerful and strongest damage

2) Various Skills with 3 Enhancement Combo Stages
- Each unique weapon holds different skills. Try to add the skill you want the most!
- Experience the 3 enhancement stages for each combo gauge’s unique change!
Stage 1 : Normal Attacks
Stage 2 : Faster Attacks in each weaponry
Stage 3 : Accelerated Attacks with a decrease in Skill Cool-time!

3) Another Feature—Upgrades available in Markets!
- Make your weapon even more Powerful! Destroy all enemies with a stronger weapon!
- Buy skills and cast various skills on your enemy!

4) Other Excitements!
- Normal Mode and Arcade Mode that has Training Room, Prison, Tower of Time, and more!

5) Other exciting updates will be available SOON!

What's in this version:
What's newly updated
Improved overall game play and user experience functions
Added language support
What's newly updated
Minor Bug Fixed

v1.0.2 Market Version:

v1.0.2 Ad Free Version:

v1.0.1 Ad Free Version:

Circus City v1.2.0 (1.2.0) Android Game Apk Free Full Version Download

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Circus City v1.2.0
Requirements: Android 2.0.1
Overview: It's time to create your very own Circus to amaze and entertain the crowds.


It's time to create your very own Circus to amaze and entertain the crowds. Hire entertainers to perform in your Big Top, install a host of fun attractions, set up food concession stands and put on special acts for your visitors to enjoy!

THRILL THE CROWD WITH BIG TOP ACTS: Upgrade your Big Top to accommodate up-to 3 acts in one show - choose from all your favorite circus acts including Clowns, Acrobats, Lion Tamers, Jugglers, Strongman, Knife Throwers and many more!

SIDESHOW ALLEY ATTRACTIONS: Install fun Rides, Slides, Photo Booths, Haunted Mansions, Carousels and set up vending stands to sell everything from a cool beverage to Caramel Popcorn and more!

FUN WITH FRIENDS: Find, invite and visit your friends on Facebook and Game Center- lend them a helping hand at their Circus City by giving them daily gifts!"

More Info:
Download Instructions:



Pocket God v1.3 (1.3) Android Game Apk Free Full Version Download

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Pocket God v1.3
Requirements: Android OS 2.0 +
Overview: You’re the island god!

What kind of god would you be? Benevolent or vengeful? Play Pocket God and discover the answer within yourself. Pocket God is an episodic microgame for you to explore, show your friends and have fun with. It contains multiple locations with many hilarious scenarios, exciting mini-games and hidden secrets for you to uncover.

What's in this version:
This update features a guest-pygmy who wreaks havoc and babbles about tiger blood. Be sure to experiment to see what he does!
Three new mini-games:
Drawing a crack beneath a pygmy for "The Runs," an exciting chase through a volcanic underworld.
On Ape Mountain, put a pygmy in the gorilla statue's grip for "Konkey Dong," inspired by the classic game.
On the Island of Misfit Crossovers, feed a pygmy to the snake for "The Moron Pests," a brain-teasing homage to our friends at "The Moron Test"!

More Info: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.ngmoco.pocketgod

Live BlackJack 21 Pro v2.0 (2.0) Android Game Apk Free Full Version Download

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Live BlackJack 21 Pro v2.0

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: Play live the #1 Multiplayer BlackJack game on the Android market!
Play live the #1 Multiplayer BlackJack game on the Android market and prove your betting skills.
Join the fast-growing community of ‘Live Blackjack 21 Pro’, earn credits and play your way up the ladder.
You can use your ‘Facebook’ or ‘Abzorba Games’ account and compete with friends on up to 4 player
real time exciting table matches or participate in unique tournament game modes

Enjoy social features like player profiles with games statistics and make friends from around the world.

We are happy to announce the release of the FREE Pro version of Live Blackjack 21 with many improvements and new features. Our new branding is AbZorba Games and through that we are planing to release many new games.
Download "Live Blackjack 21 Pro" and get a better user experience with added social features, Tournaments etc. Join the competition and have a chance to win 500k chips. Of course your profile and chips will follow you in the Pro version

More Info:

EMPIRE WAR v1.0.0 (1.0.0) Android Game Apk Free Full Version Download

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Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: [Empire War] is a real-time casual offense&defense war game performed by having a huge war between mankind and chaos - other races such as devils or monsters – as the background.

★ Insufficient memory problems could closed the App abnormally. Please close all application from the multitask panel before the application runs.

The game can be played easily even by a player encountering the game for the first time and made to experience the enjoyment instantly through the control system optimized for mobile devices and simple screen configuration. The player is also able to spread colorful strategies through the growth system to reinforce the player’s own camp using various methods or the configuration of six hero characters
representing two camps and 14 types of units having unique personality.

# Growth System
: You can make all buildings or units appearing in the game grown using the ‘Cubic’ gained while playing the game. The player gets to lead the game flow by the reinforcement of friendly force according to the player’s own unique strategy such as encouraging the friendly force by yelling out or poisoning the enemy.

# Hero Unit
: The hero units may appear only 1 person at a time on one stage unlike the regular units appearing in groups while producing units are so powerful that it can confront the enemy troops single-handed. The player is able to play the battle with a hero that the player has selected among a tough warrior striking sword, a magician with powerful magic or a paladin surrounding himself with holiness. Also, the war situation can be reversed at once at a critical situation if you acquire special skills by raising hero units.

# Backup Attack Tower
: The player is able to build a ‘Tower’ backing up the friendly force with powerful attack by certain time intervals if necessary as well as the buildings for producing units. Various towers from the ones shooting arrows to the ones shooting cannons can be placed using ‘Cubic’ the same way as units. You can form up the backup attack with your own unique method such as giving huge damage to a target point or making an extensive area surrounded by fire through the final enchantment.

# Defense Mode
: You can experience more enjoyment through the additional configured in this game. The < Defense Mode > also has implemented both the “‘road rule’ blocking the moving enemy along the preset road” and the “’field’ rule in which the player arranges buildings directly and controls the moving path of the enemy” that are most popular two types of rules with their proven amusement.

# Coping with Global Languages
: Four languages of Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese are supported so that the player using the corresponding language is able to become absorbed into the game even more.



Virtual Pool Mobile v2.16 (2.16 ) Android Game Apk Free Full Version Download

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Virtual Pool Mobile v2.16 Cracked 
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Virtual Pool, the world’s best selling 3D pool simulation, for phone & tablet.

Rack ‘em up, road warriors. Virtual Pool, the world’s best selling 3D pool simulation, is now available for Android phones and tablets. So real that we guarantee it will improve your real pool game! All the best features from the award winning PC version are included. Enjoy Virtual Pool on your Android anywhere you go!
9-Ball, 8-Ball, 6-Ball, Straight Pool, 10-Ball and Rotation.
Easy to Use Interface
The player interface is intuitive and a snap to use. Aim cue by using your finger to rotate left or right. Shoot by touching the cue, pull back with your finger and flick forward. The faster you move your finger the harder the cue ball is hit.
Quick Play
Set up and play your buddies or a computer opponent at any one of 6 different pool rooms. You get to choose! Play pool on a 4x9 championship or 3.5x7 bar table.
Computer Opponents
The VP Mobile computer adversaries know how to play pool! The better players can really stroke it, but luckily for you, the poor players are not any better than the sucker at your local bar. There are 128 computer opponents of varying skill levels, so you'll always have somebody to play. Play any skill level of computer opponent, from sucker to pool shark.
Hit the Road
Career mode starts you out as a rookie in the Garage. You're not alone, because Curly, the ultimate road player is there to guide you. Work your way through 6 different pool rooms by beating the Room Boss and earning enough cash to travel to the next room. Each room has a different player and table. As you progress in your career the competition gets tougher and tougher and the bets go up! You must beat Curly in the beach house for the big money to complete your career.


http://www.easy-share.com/1917886030...pool Crack.apk

Inotia3: Children of Carnia v1.2.0 (1.2.0) Android Game Apk Free Full Version Download

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Inotia3: Children of Carnia (Ad-free) v1.2.0
Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: Protect your loved ones in Carnia by joining the adventure!

What would it take to change warrior's destiny?
The Big Adventure! Inotia3: Children of Carnia!

An inevitable fate has lain before the children of Carnia. The far greatest epic adventure! The Chronicles of Inotia 3! The new legend is about to begin in the continent of Inotia.

"With the coming of age ritual ahead, Lucio and Ameli from Carnia village happen to be acquiring guntlets, and the adventure stirred up by these guntlets leads to a consequence that is a way beyond their imaginations... Lucio and Ameli realize soon that they have extraordinary destinies lain before them... Warriors' predestined fates have been lasted for thousands of years already... Will those of who are born to be warriors be happy after all?"

★ Features ★

1) Organized Party System
A Party Battle System, where you get to combine 6 classes to construct your own party! You can control each character separately and enhance their skills and stats however you like. Through a story mode, you can not only obtain various characters, but also hire mercenaries with items. Personalize each character by equipping a variety of clothing, weapons and defense weapons.

2) Touching Story in an Enormous Scale
A way far better and more enormous in scale than its previous sequel, the story line of Inotia III, traveling past and present time back and forth, is solid and constructed in detail that you won’t be able to take your eyes off the game. A whole lot of unique minor casts will make their appearance throughout the story, and the main character’s itinerary is delineated on 130+ maps. 230 of not-to-be-underestimated quests with various themes are enough to testify the Inotia III’s distinctive way of engrossing users.

3) Various updates are so on the way!

4) This game is supported in English, and French.

5) It's Universal and will run on your Android Device.

What's newly updated in 1.2.0
Minor bug fix
Added In Apps

No ads.


Earth And Legend v1.0.1(1.0.1) Android Game Apk Free Full Version Download

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Earth And Legend v1.0.1
Requirements: Android 2.2
Overview: The most advanced full-scaled multiplayer 3D RPG for Android has arrived in HD! The time has come to call for a hero. Join the battle in this epic RPG adventure delivered in stunning 3D


Earth And Legend features multiplayer mode as well as single player. Team up with a friend and experience co-op multiplayer over WIFI. The multiplayer system allows players to tag team creatures and fight alone side each other while solving quests

Earth And Legend features the ability to own pets. Not only do pets make great companions but they also are trained to fight alone side their owner in combat

Earth And Legend features 3 skill lines (Melee, Bow and Magic), which include a new and innovative combat system with real-time live action melee attacks and spell casting

Earth And Legend features a true in-game cycle of night and day on a 24 hour based time system. For every 24 minutes that the game is played, a full night and day cycle of 24 hours passes in the game world

Earth And Legend features a highly advanced weather system. Depending on weather conditions, from time to time it will rain. In high altitude places it snows. A very strong rainfall will even produce thunder and lightning, which can be used by magicians. Some spells draw power directly from thunder and lightning, making the caster very powerful when it rains

- XPERIA PLAY Optimized [PlayStation Phone support]
- Customize your character's race and gender
- Prepare for battle with a variety of weapons, armor and items to choose from
- 100% free roaming. Go anywhere at anytime
- Shop for food or go fishing and catch it yourself
- Full 3D freedom of movement plus 360 degree swimming
- Camera panning with sensitivity control
- Detailed side quests and challenging bosses to defeat
- Balanced economy system. Visit shops. Buy and sell items
- Right and left-handed joystick option
- Customizable hot keys. Arrange skills in any order
- 3 slots for multiple saved games
- Multiple languages: English, French, and German

More Info:
Download Instructions:


SD: data/data/com.dvidearts.earthandlegend

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