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Coin Pirates v1.1.0 Apk Android Game (1.1.0) Download

Monday, January 9, 2012 by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

Here we come, Coin Pirates! Drop coins & win jackpots! Get tons of treasures!!
Thank you for waiting!!
You've passed Lv. 50... and found the treasure of the pirate ship!
It's time for a new collection☆
Next is the hidden treasure of Mermaid Island
Collect them all for a special item!!Coin Pirates
☆The long-requested collection reset function has been added.☆
*Since all locks have been unlocked, the difficulty level will be raised,
so be prepared when resetting!!
☆From now on the special Jackpot high score in your collection bonus will be saved.☆
Over 1 million downloads in only 2.5 months!!
Ranked Top 5 games in 25 countries 3 days after release!
Fast rising up game in US and Europe!
#1 in Arcade & Casino Category Free Apps (Hong Kong)
#1 in Arcade & Casino Category Free Apps (Japan)
#1 in Arcade & Casino Category Free Apps (Macau)
#1 in Arcade & Casino Category Free Apps (Taiwan)
#1 in Arcade & Casino Category Free Apps (China)
Try this highly addictive and engaging game from Nubee today and spread the thrill on to your family and friends!
Hailed as the No. 1 slot-machine and coin-pusher game in Asia, it truly surpasses any other coin dozer game! Drop gold coins onto the ship deck as it moves back and forth to push for fantastic surprises or treasure treats!
Love how the real slot-machine amazes you? Love how much fun and memories your childhood coin-dozer game gives you?
Coin Pirates will keep you hooked for hours just to collect all the treats and leveling up! Work your way up to the ultimate jackpot challenge now!
A truly irresistable coin dozer game you must download!
•Rich, dazzling 3D graphics like your real coin dozer and slot-machine
•Authentic slot machine and arcade game sound effects
•A wide variety of special gifts and treats to win and collect
•Jackpot challenge when you hit 777 consecutively for a certain number of times; more surprise prizes await!

Pile your pirate ship with loads of shiny, gold coins and treasures now!
※※Warning for "Pirated" ver. of Coin Pirates※※
Please make sure to download Coin Pirates from the official Android Market!
The unofficial Coin Pirates may cause problems!
Also, NUBEE is only responsible for apps that were downloaded from Android Market!
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Vegas Life v1.0.4 Apk Android Game (1.0.4) Download

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Live your fantasy and build the city that is beyond your wildest imagination!
Live your fantasy and build the city that is beyond your wildest imagination!
After the overwhelming success of “Japan Life” – Nubee is proud to present "Vegas Life " !Japan Life
Vegas Life is a social game to run a city of lights and music together with your real friends. It allows you to build entertainment outlets; attracting visitors from all around, fulfilling their desire and play exciting mini games with real friends. Live it! And love every single moment!
- A huge variety of exciting, colorful ENTERTAINMENT and DECORATIONS!
- BUILD CASINOS & ORGANIZE amazing events for your visitors
- Complete QUESTS to win extra rewards.
- Bring in VISITORS & enjoy STORY-DRIVEN game-play!
- DECORATE your Vegas Town with tones of exciting items, gifts & earn bonuses!
- INVITE VISITORS, fulfill their dreams & make them happy. - - Unique HAPPINESS BAR concept!
- VISIT your friends' towns, HELP them & SHARE experience.
- Play exciting MINI GAMES and CHALLENGE your real friends!
- HIT THE JACKPOT in Roulette & earn rewards regularly!
- Exchange exciting GIFTS with your friends everyday!
- Play Offline! Manage your city without having to connect with internet
- Connect with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, SMS etc..
Join us in Vegas Life & make your dreams come true!
Download NOW!
Learn more about our exciting games:
Like us on Facebook:
IMPORTANT: Not recommended to play using 3G connection.
PLEASE NOTE: Vegas Life is free to play, but some additional in-app content requires real cash payment. To disable in-app purchase, please change your device settings. Some features require internet connection to play.
Internet connectivity via WI-FI connection is recommended to play this game with social features. Players can choose to play offline without social features.

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Japan Life v1.3.1 Apk Android Game (1.3.1) Download

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Can you grow your small city to a grand tourist attraction spot?
"Japan Life is a really solid game. It’s well-made, detailed and deep. If you’re looking for something new and fun, you’ll definitely find it here."
- Gamezebo.comJapan Life
“Japan Life looks really slick, and looks exactly like a moving anime cartoon. The game can be zoomed in on, and zoomed out of, yet it looks good from every angle. There is a surprising amount of detail in every person building and object in the game too, with lots going on at the same time. This doesn’t mean that the game doesn’t run smoothly - it really does. The game is also one of the most colourful games I have played by far. It really looks beautiful on-screen and is a joy to watch.”
Can you grow your small city to a grand tourist attraction spot?
Immerse yourself in the beautiful Japanese architecture for that long-awaited holiday.
Will your tourist city rival the charms of Kyoto, or the glamour of Tokyo?
- Over 100 different buildings and items to discover
- Unlock new shops and decorations at every new level
- Meticulously designed and animated buildings with cute characters
- Add beauty to your city with decorations like flowers, parks and many more
- Attract more tourists and impress them with your city!
- Able to continue playing even when you are offline
- Invite your friends and collaborate to make Shop Sales more successful
- Start lots of Shop Sales to upgrade your shops into better shops
- Expand your city to attract more and more tourists
- Be the wealthiest or the most well-liked, climb the leaderboards!
- Share your glory on Facebook for all to behold!
- Send Mail and Gifts to your neighbors!
Everyone loves a holiday - have fun building this tourist dreamland for all!
Can you be the one to let everyone relive their fond holiday memories?
Download NOW!
PLEASE NOTE: Japan Life is free to play, but some additional in-app content requires real cash payment. To disable in-app purchase, please change your device settings. Some features require internet connection to play.
Supported Devices
Samsung galaxy S
Samsung Nexus S
HTC Sensation
HTC Incredible S
Sony Xperia Arc
NEC Medias

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Coins Vs Zombies v1.1.8 Apk Android Game (1.1.8) Download

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Coins VS Zombies, the latest smash-hit game released in June 2011!
Get the funniest zombies into your phone now!
Coins VS Zombies, the latest smash-hit game released in June 2011!
One of the fastest growing downloadable coins game apps in Europe and Asia!!
Coin games’ addicts must be sure to own this addictive fun game in your iPhone or Android phone! 
Coins Vs Zombies
Animated spooky-groovy tombs, pumpkins, spider webs and lanterns await the collection by all players this season!
Featuring the funniest zombies ever coupled with authentic slot machine and arcade game sound effects, be attracted by the dozens of zombie items that will drop along the way.
Just simply shoot the zombies that appear to collect more coins!
And if that’s not enough thrill, look out for creepy-looking Slot Zombies with golden hats and kill them to activate the slot machine for more mysterious, eerie gifts! More surprises await you at the exciting jackpot challenge!
Start enjoying your collection of all the special zombies as you unlock each level or even challenge the Sumo Zombie!
Coins VS Zombies guarantees that even the most serious coin game players will be kept glued to their seats for hours!
Fun-guaranteed features:
• Endless thrill of coins generating when you hit the zombies!
• Extra surprise zombie items when you activate the slot machine!
• Special zombies added when you level up!
• Even more rewards when you hit the jackpot challenge!
Tested on:
• Samsung Galaxy S
• Samsung Galaxy Ace
• HTC Desire
• HTC incredible S
• Sony Xperia Arc
• Samsung Nexus S
There might be some issues with other devices – we will continue to work in order to provide you the best possible experience.

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Wordfeud v1.2.11 Apk Android Game (1.2.11) Download

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A fun multiplayer word game. Who can make the highest scoring words?
Ad free version of Wordfeud.
Play against 8 million opponents!
Wordfeud is a cross-platform multiplayer puzzle game available for Android and iPhone. Challenge friends and random opponents and play in up to 30 separate games simultaneously!
Create and place words on the 15 by 15 tile board and earn points for creativity and placing letters on the high scoring Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter and Triple Word tiles.
Search for friends to play against or allow Wordfeud to match you up with an opponent. Even chat with them - smack talk or praise - it's your choice!
Tired of the same standard board each game? Choose the option to randomize the board and change up where the DL, TL, DW, TW tiles are placed - giving the classic game a new twist!
- Choose to play with friends or be matched up against random opponents
- Play in 30 simultaneous games!
- Random board option to mix up the DL, DW, TL, TW tiles
- Push notifications informing you of opponent's latest move
- Uses English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish dictionaries
- Chat with your opponents
For more information on Wordfeud, visit us at Wordfeud.com and follow on Twitter @wordfeud. Also check out the Facebook fan page athttp://www.facebook.com/WordfeudGame
Important: if you're updating and have a device running Android 1.6, uninstall the previous version first. All your in-progress games will still still be there after reinstalling.

ZIXXBY! v1.4.2 Apk Android Game (1.4.2) Download

by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

An inovative game of extreme UFO flying and tactical shooting fun!
A beautiful, quirky game! Totally addictive!
Hidden Gem: ZIXXBY! arcade shooter game with serious eye candy! - Droid Gamers Review
Help Zixxby free his home planet's moons! Only you can help his species escape from the evil clutches of the Ningrom empire.
-Campaign of 40 stunning levels across 4 different moons!
- Level Types:
Pot Shot, Mini Nuke, Mine Sweep, Carnage, Skill Shot, Marksman and Snake!
- Bonkers Weapons:
-Sniper bullet, Mini Nuke, Bouncing Bullet, Comet
-buster and Pellet Cannon!

-Intelligent Zoom camera!
-Thousands of mines to smash up!
-A variety of enemies to fight!
-Sensor controlled movement!
-Gesture controlled weapon systems!
-Weapon pickups!
-Awesome explosions!
Coming in future updates:
-Mini Games
-Open feint leader boards!
- Fly Zixxby the alien around by tilting the phone
- Shoot by sweeping or flinging your finger over the screen
- Destroy all the mines before they hit the blue central orb and fight off the ningrom hordes to free your alien clone brothers!
- Переместить Zixxby чуждый всему, наклоняя телефон
- Стреляю радикальные или бросая пальцем по экрану
- Уничтожить все шахты прежде чем они попали держава и бороться с ордами ningrom для освобождения чужой братья клон!

- 移动Zixxby外来左右倾斜手机
- 清扫或扔你的手指在屏幕上的拍摄
- 销毁所有的地雷,才打蓝色球击退ningrom成群结队自由外国人的克隆兄弟!

Hippo Adventure v1.0 Apk Android Game (1.0) Download

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adventure quest logical interesting fun puzzle hippo okigames game
Hippo Adventure game is brain-teasing puzzles.
Hippo lives in splendid fairy-tale locations. He likes to walk in unfamiliar places, and often falls into place from where hard to get back home and not to be caught by angry blocks.
Help Hippo to come back home!
Hippo Adventure
Hippo Adventure features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based game elements.
Each of the 80+ levels requires logic, skill, and reaction to aim the target.
- tight and fast paced gameplay
- think before you touch and be sure to avoid the red box and obstacles
- amazing looking graphics
- combines realistic physics with simple, accurate and precise touch control
- various objects to manipulate with
- an incredible 84 levels and more is coming soon

"At the start it looks simple to play, but when you reach a higher level .......whoooh just great, you have to try yourself. Hope they will make more games like this one" - MarcNexxt
"This game is so cute and very fun to play. But.....I can't seem to get past level 20. It's really tricky (or maybe I'm just slow)! Other than that, it's really fun to play and gets more and more challenging with each level. A must buy!" - AvaBee43

Get the inside scoop on OKIGAMES:
Folow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/okigames
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/okigamescom
Watch us on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/OKIGAMES
Visit our site: http://okigames.com/

Real Racing 2 v000314 (Online) Apk Android Game (000314) Download

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**TRY IT FOR FREE!** REAL RACING 2 is here! Now, take the most hotly anticipated racing game ever made for Android for a FREE test drive. Once you get a taste of the adrenaline-fueled action, UPGRADE to get the total experience. Race away with 30 high-performance cars, 15 awesome locations, and an immersive Career mode!Real Racing 2
Jump behind the wheel in Quick Race mode and challenge 15 competitors to a nail-biting race to the finish – or sink your teeth into a Career race and discover the power of pro circuit racing.
Unlock the full game though an in-app purchase and get everything that REAL RACING 2 has to offer.
• Test your racing prowess on a 16 car grid against highly skilled AI drivers.
• Select from 30 officially licensed cars including the 2010 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500, 2010 Nissan GT-R (R35), 2012 McLaren MP4-12C, and more!
• Work your way from rookie to pro in a robust Career Mode, offering 10 hours of racing enjoyment. Jump into a Quick Race for instant fun – or race against the clock in Time Trial Mode.
• Race in 15 beautiful locations, with 40 miles of highly detailed race tracks, speedways and city circuits – including twilight and night races.
• Touch or tilt to steer, as you experience state-of-the-art handling with customizable options that tailor to your personal driving style.
• Experience the intensity of head-to-head racing with 5 unique camera angles and breath-taking graphics powered by Firemint’s exclusive high performance Mint3D™ engine.
Ready to race? Buckle in, start your engine and speed away with REAL RACING 2!
Discover more games from EA like Tetris® free, SimCity™ Deluxe, and THE GAME OF LIFE. See all our games for Android now!
Be the first to know! Get inside EA info on great deals, plus the latest game updates, tips, and more!VISIT US: ea.comFOLLOW US: twitter.com/eamobileLIKE US: facebook.com/eamobileWATCH US: youtube.com/eamobilegames

Third Blade v1.0.2 Apk Android Game (1.0.2) Download

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The Adrenaline that will take you to 3 unique styles of Action!
Adrenaline RUSH RPG! Third Blade!
★★★ This RPG game supports English, français, Deutsch, 한글 and 日本語. ★★★
3 types of blades—dual wield, one-handed blade, and two-handed sword—can be used to defeat all kinds of vicious monsters as you play along! The ultimate action game filled with endless battles against monsters that keep you immersed in thrill and excitement RPG—Third Blade!Third Blade
Have a taste of full action RPG by totally wiping out horrific monsters surrounding your path! Action boosts up with exhilarating speed! Use Combo gauges that enhance your weapons into 3 stages and be part of this Exquisite Action Drama! This is what you can call REAL ACTION RPG!
* Feature
1) 3 Weapons Used in Thrilling Action against evil monsters!
- Dual Wield : You can get damaged but can attack enemies with rapid-fire speed as well
- One-handed Blade : Longer attack time than Dual Wield. The most safest and effective way to attack
- Two-handed Sword : Big and heavy, yet makes the most powerful and strongest damage
2) Various Skills with 3 Enhancement Combo Stages
- Each unique weapon holds different skills. Try to add the skill you want the most!
- Experience the 3 enhancement stages for each combo gauge’s unique change!
Stage 1 : Normal Attacks

Stage 2 : Faster Attacks in each weaponry
Stage 3 : Accelerated Attacks with a decrease in Skill Cool-time!
3) Another Feature—Upgrades available in Markets!
- Make your weapon even more Powerful! Destroy all enemies with a stronger weapon!
- Buy skills and cast various skills on your evil enemy!
4) Other Excitements!
- Normal Mode and Arcade Mode that has Training Room, Prison, Tower of Time, and more!
5) Other exciting updates will be available SOON!
< Summit X Snowboarding > - Thrilling! Addictive! Feel the speed!
< Heavy Gunner 3D > - The Ultimate Shooting Game!
< The World of Magic > - The magic world of full-featured MMORPG!
< 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 > – REAL Baseball game
< Homerun Battle 3D > - Real-time Online Matchup Arcade
< Inotia3: Children of Carnia > – The Speculative Adventure RPG!
< Zombie Runaway > - Breathtaking Getaway! Casual/Action/Arcade
Other exciting games are available, too!
Follow us!
Join Com2uS' Fan Page
Tips and Updates

Destroy Gunners SP / ICEBURN!! v1.01 Apk Android Game Download

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DGunsSP brought out the limitation of the performance of the newest smartphones.
This new title is 3D action shooting game that the player operates realistic armed robot intuitively by touch panel control.
"Destroy Gunners SP ICEBURN!!"
From "Destroy Gunners SP" of delivery in high popularity, Significantly enhanced new title has been released as the second sequel!
・Battle scene has been changed into totally new maps and original stages of cold area!
・Missions and components of arms are doubled from previous title!
・If you have previous title"Destroy Gunners SP",you can play additional special mission!
To accomplish missions, the player acquires new arms and mecha with destroying numerous enemies and huge bosses.
The player can customizes player's mecha(armed destroyer) to reinforce the mecha repeatedly and challenge more higher,severe missions!Destroy Gunners SP / ICEBURN!!
This title supports community functions of score ranking and achievement by"OpenFeint".
The player can contest score and skill with players whole over the world.
"Every moving objects on this freezing ground are enemy. Destroy all of them."
・required OS: over Android 2.2(2.3recommended) ※required resolution: over 800×480 pixels
・recommended device:Xperia arc(Sony Ericsson)
・Limited time special price offer! Special Price:400Yen(tax included)!

Usual Price: 800Yen(tax included)

※Credit Card Payments Only.
※Carrier Billing of Mobile Phone Companies is NOT supported.

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Cake Mania - Main Street v1.3.6 Apk Android Game (1.3.6) Download

by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

Help Jill restore Main Street in 100 fast-paced levels. PLUS FREE PC GAME!
Grab a baker's dozen of fun in the highly anticipated sequel to the hit series! Help Jill and her friends purchase, open, manage and upgrade four unique shops. Bake cakes, create floral arrangements and more in 100 fast-paced levels.

Cake Mania - Main Street

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