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PingMe v1.0 (1.0) Android Application Apk Free Full Version Download

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PingMe v1.0
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: PingMe is a new cross-platform instant messenger app for smartphones


PingMe is free, its instant and it lets you ‘Ping’ with your friends using your mobile number. Connect with PingMe users all across the globe and start sharing messages with them in virtually no time at all. PingMe also sports push notifications for your messages so that you’re never too far away from your buddies. Though quite similar to WhatsApp in the way it works, PingMe brings a few new features to the table that might make you want to set it as your default IM client. Read on for details and features.

No need to fill up lengthy registration forms or subscribe to additional services. With PingMe, your mobile number is your ID. To setup a new account, just tap on Create a New Account on the app’s homescreen and provide your country code and phone number. Verify your account by feeding in the confirmation code sent to you via SMS and complete the registration by providing basic account information.

The app’s interface is worth admiring. It’s sleek, it’s stylish and it leaves a lasting impact on one’s eyes. All the core chat, search and customization options are easily accessible which certainly does help. Once installed, just launch the app and start searching for your PingMe-using friends from within your contacts or via Facebook or Twitter. You can also manually send invites to friends using their phone numbers. You can manually type in your PingMe status or select from a list of built-in status messages. Messaging with PingMe is ultra-fast and it all happens in real-time. And even if you’re not receiving text, you can always tell with the typing indicator that a reply’s on the way. If you’re on PingMe, you’re on map and your friends can always trace you out easily with geo-location enabled messages. You can toggle the ‘show location’ option on/ off as desired. Any messages that you wish to delete from the conversation history can also be done easily. Just long press on an unwanted message and select Delete message.

On the customization front, you can modify app’s chat settings, chat wallpaper and your profile picture. You can also specify chat color for outgoing messages. In addition, there is an option to toggle displays settings for status change and avatar change.

You may find and would’ve tried quite a few IMs for your smartphone. PingMe is not a bad option either. It is extremely quick, easy to use and supports almost all major mobile platforms. PingMe is available to the users absolutely free of cost. Download links to PingMe’s iOS and Android clients are provided below. As of now, BlackBerry and WP7 users can only wait for PingMe’s official client to be released for their respective platforms; a prospect that doesn’t seem to be too far from transforming into a reality.

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Evernote v3.2.1(3.2.1) Android Application Apk Free Full Version Download

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Evernote v3.2.1
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Evernote turns your Android device into an extension of your brain.

★ New York Times ‘Top 10 Must-Have App’, Winner: TechCrunch Crunchies, Mashable Awards and the Webbys. ★

Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders--and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go.

Key Features:
- Sync all of your notes across the computers and devices you use
- Create and edit text notes, to-dos and task lists
- Record voice and audio notes
- Search for text inside images
- Organize notes by notebooks and tags
- Email notes and save tweets to your Evernote account
- Connect Evernote to other apps and products you use
- Share notes with friends and colleagues via Facebook and Twitter
★ Premium feature: Add, sync, access and share files (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more)
★ Premium feature: access and modify shared notebooks

Here are some ways to use Evernote for your personal and professional life:
- Research smarter: snap photos of whiteboards and books
- Take meeting and class notes, draft agendas and research notes
- Plan a trip: keep track of travel plans, plane tickets and passports
- Organize and save recipes; search by ingredients later
- Create a grocery list or task list and check things off as you go
- View web pages saved in Evernote on your desktop
- Capture ideas and inspiration on the go
- Access files and notes you create on your phone from your desktop
- Keep track of products and prices for comparison shopping purposes
- Keep finances in order: save receipts, bills and contracts
- Reduce paper clutter by taking snapshots of restaurant menus, business cards and labels
- Use Evernote as part of your GTD system to help you stay organized
- To get the most out of your Evernote experience, download it on all of the computers and phones that you use.

Evernote is available for:
Desktop: Mac, Windows and Web
Mobile: Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm WebOS, Windows Mobile
Tablet: Android, iPad
Web: Evernote for Web; Web Clippers for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer

More information about permissions at:

Learn more:http://www.evernote.com/about/getting_started/

Recent changes:
Adds more detection of faulty SD cards
Bug fixes:
- fixes note not opening or not showing
- fixes note editing issue
- fixes notebook stack issue
Less description »

Latest version: 3.2.1 (for all Android versions, supports App2SD)

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AdvanceSMS SMS Manager v1.5.0(1.5.0) Android Application Apk Free Full Version Download

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AdvanceSMS SMS Manager v1.5.0
Requirements: Android 
Overview: AdvanceSMS is an SMS Utilities Application designed for Android Smartphones that combines various powerful messaging features into one user friendly Killer Mobile App!

AdvanceSMS allows you to set personalized SMS tones per contact just like you already can with your ring tones, Schedule, AutoReply, Forward & Export SMS's, view the entire incoming SMS on the screen for quick reading and more! 

Core Features Include:

- Easily Schedule SMS's either once or at a preset interval. Highly configureable!
- Auto-respond to some or all incoming SMS's with a preset SMS message of your own
- Forward received SMS's to another mobile or to your Email account
- Set Personalized incoming SMS tones for different contacts (just like you've been able to do with ring tones for years now!)
- Full Screen SMS Preview of the incoming message (read the entire message text without having to open the message in a new screen)
- Export Your SMS's to your SD card and optionally send them to yuour email account
- Easy to use Debug feature to help us make AdvanceSMS the best application possible!
- Latest v1.3.8 released 7/18/2010 - Includes bug fixes & keyword based Filter/Forward/AutoReply

Compatible with all Android devices, including, but not limited to the G1, Motorola Droid, Droid-x, Motorola Milestone, Motorola Cliq, Droid Eris, Google Nexus One, HTC Dream, HTC Hero, HTC Desire, HTC Tattoo, HTC MyTouch, HTC Magic, Samsung Moment, Samsung Behold

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HDR Camera+ v1.71(1.71) Android Application Apk Free Full Version Download

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HDR Camera+ v1.71
Requirements: Android OS 2.2+
Overview: Capture high quality HDR images in full resolution

Capture high quality High Dynamic Range images:
- Full resolution
- Take HDR image in one tap
- HDR image fused and tone-mapped on device within seconds
- Don't have to be rock-solid while shooting
- Correct handling of moving objects and de-ghosting
- You can control tone-mapping parameters: contrast, micro-contrast, color vividness, exposure
- Save original exposure bracketed images
- Location tagging
- Shutter sound can be muted
- Support for Flash on/off/auto

Real life scenes often have a wide range of light intensity, which cannot be captured by a camera. In a photo of such a scene the bright areas look washed out and everything in shadows is pictured as a black spot with no details. The HDR technique allows you to capture details in bright and dark areas and have them merged in a single photo.

HDR photography is widely adopted by professional photographers. Wouldn't it be nice to have an HDR in mobile phones?
The problem is that HDR requires taking several differently exposed images in series, which must be precisely aligned and then fused. In order to be usable for real life scenes, the HDR feature should include moving object detection and hand shake compensation to avoid or minimize the ghosting in the final image. That requires a lot of computational resources and makes a challenge even for professional desktop HDR software.

Almalence has brought its expertise in professional HDR software to mobile phones. Our HDR fusion algorithms compensate hand shaking and detect moving objects in the scene, suppressing ghosting artifacts. At the same time, the algorithms are quick enough to provide comfortable processing time on mobile devices.

What's in this version:
full media re-scan avoided
installation/move to sd card is now supported
better shutter mute

More Info:
Download Instructions:


Scientific Calculator (adfree) v2.4.5 (2.4.5) Android Application Apk Free Full Version Download

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Scientific Calculator (adfree) v2.4.5
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Scientific Calculator & Scientific Reference - good on both phones and tablets.

A calculator with 3 computing functions in one application plus a handy scientific reference facility - the following functions are included: 1) scientific calculations, 2) hex, oct & bin format calculations and 3) graphing applications. A default screen layout is available for each function showing all buttons on one screen and, in each case, all the functions are also available on a range of scrollable screens where the buttons are large enough for all finger types (but where the button size can also be adjusted if required) - a complete record of each calculation is stored in the calculation history, the result of which can be used in future calculations - a full range of settings allow easy customisation - an extensive help facility is available which also includes some useful scientific reference sections - the output can be set to scroll either vertically (the default) or horizontally as preferred - see the help facility for a full explanation of the options - move to SD for 2.2+ users

1) Scientific Calculator mode includes:

* General Arithmetic Functions
* Trigonometric Functions - both radians and degrees - including hyperbolic option
* Power and Root Functions
* Logarithmic Functions
* Modulus Function
* Permutation (nPr) and Combinations (nCr)
* Highest Common Factor, Lowest Common Multiple and Statistics Functions - the statistics function returns the count (n), sum, product, sum of squares, minimum, maximum, median, mean, geometric mean, variance and standard deviation of a series of numbers (please note that it's best to use vertical scrolling output for these functions)
* Conversion Functions - covering conversions of all common units for distance, area, volume, weight, speed, pressure, energy, power, temperature, time, angles and data size
* Constants - a wide range of inbuilt constants listed in 4 categories:
1) Physical & Astronomical Constants - press to include into a calculation or long press for more information on the constant and its relationship to other constants
2) Periodic Table - a full listing of the periodic table - press to input an element's atomic mass into a calculation or long press for more information on the chosen element
3) Solar System - press to input a planet's orbit distance into a calculation or long press for more information on the chosen planet
4) My Constants - a set of personal constants that can be added via the History
* In addition, the calculator can be set to fractions mode for general arithmetic functions

2) HEX, OCT and BIN Calculator mode includes:

* Conversion between hex, oct, bin and dec
* AND, OR, XOR, NOT, NAND, NOR & XNOR functions
* Power and Root Functions

3) Graphing Calculator mode includes:

* General Arithmetic Functions
* Trigonometric Functions - both radians and degrees - including hyperbolic option
* Power and Root Functions
* Logarithmic Functions
* Table of results also available together with the graph if required

The help function also includes sections covering names in the metric system, useful mathematical formulas and a detailed listing of physical laws containing a brief description of each law.

What's in this version:

27/8 (ver 2.4.4): added capability to add personal constants via the history - see the Constants section of the Help function for full details
05/9 (ver 2.4.5): 1) changed algorithm for LCM & HCF functions to allow large numbers to be used, 2) minor bug fixes and catches for potential input errors

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UberSocial for Android v7.1.0 (7.1.0) Android Application Apk Free Full Version Download

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UberSocial for Android v7.1.0
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: UberSocial is the leading full-featured Twitter client for Android!


UberSocial (f.k.a Twidroyd) is the leading full-featured Twitter client for Android, with a customizable UberBar for easy navigation.
** "Best Twitter App" -Engadget
** "Get this app" Best Android Apps, O'Reilly media
** "Top Android Essentials" -PCWorld

UberSocial for Android features:
* Multiple Twitter account support
* Customized Twitter notifications
* Conversation thread view
* Simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook
* Multiple widgets
* Retweet with or without comment
* TMI/Twitlonger service
* Twitter lists
* Integrated Tweet and user search functionality
* Tweets near you
* Fully customizable UberBar .
* Pull-to-refresh as well as shake-to-refresh.
* "Mute” feature.
* LivePreview™.
* New features such as ShrinkTweet, and Insert Symbol.

There are also new themes available as separate downloads!
Now you can welcome Twitter A-listers Ashton Kutcher and Russell Simmons --as well as your favorite pro football Tweeters --to Twidroyd:

-- A.Plus,, the mobile companion to Ashton Kutcher's desktop Twitter app, features Twitter content curated by @aplusk, including updates from Ashton and Demi and Ashton's favorite Tweeters on culture, tech, sports and travel.


-- UncleUber, where entrepreneur and thought-leader Russell Simmons highlights the biggest happenings in hip-hop, entertainment and style. Includes news from GlobalGrind.com and the rest of the Simmons family, as well as a "Question of the Day" from Uncle Rush himself.


-- Pro Football Characters, for the pro football lover in all of us. Lovingly curated by the UberEditors, this theme features a collection of the best pro football Tweeters, covering off-field antics and on-field drama, ensuring that you never miss a moment of the action.


UberSocial also features;
--Custom app themes that you can design and share with your friends from the Twidroyd Factory (http://twidroydfactory.appspot.com/)
--Curated UberChannels from leading media brands, including USA Today, Mashable, and The Hollywood Reporter.

What's in this version:
New 4x4 desktop widget displays Tweets, Mentions and Direct messages
Removed second launcher icon (Twidroyd robot)
Added option to disable Pull-to-refresh
Added inline preview support for mypict.me images
FIX: Possible crash during startup
FIX: Context menu in Retweets not showing up

More Info:
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Fotolr Photo Studio v1.0.5 (1.0.5) Android Application Apk Free Full Version Download

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Fotolr Photo Studio v1.0.5
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Use this app to make some amazing picture effects in less than one minute.


Fotolr Photo Studio (Fotolr PS) is a photo processing App which has many powerful and useful functions,.

This software includes 22 functions that are often used in image processing, and has almost all the photo editing functions and photo effects.
No matter you are a professional or a novice, you can use this app to make some amazing picture effects in less than one minute.
This app also has photo album, so you can sort through your photos and transfer your photo.

5 major functions:
Picture editing, Portrait processing , Photo effects, Photo album, Photo sharing via mail or other SNS

1)Picture editing
* Rotation
* Cut
* Resize image
* Draw
* Adjust image color and brightness

2)Image Effects
* Photo Effects , more than 80
* color splash
* Picture Frame
* Picture Sense
* Add text to the pictures

* Face triming
* Acne Removing
* Whitening Effect
* Blusher
* Lipstick
* Wig
* Hair Dyeing

4)Album function,
* store, photo description, clone,
preview photos, export photos, preview pictures, ordering

5)photo sharing
* Twitter,Facebook,Tumblr and Sina Weibo.

Key words: camera, photo effect, album, picture, photo studio

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FREEdi YouTube Downloader v2.1(2.1) Android Application Apk Free Full Version Download

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FREEdi YouTube Downloader v2.1
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: The best app you must have! No more bad experience for watching YouTube!.


#1 FREE apps in Android Market and Amazon Appstore. Better than Tubemate and TubeX

Download videos from YouTube and convert them into MP3/MP4/AAC formats

More Info:
Download Instructions:


Google Goggles v1.6 (1.6) Android Application Apk Free Full Version Download

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Google Goggles v1.6


Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Search the real world by taking a picture.
Search by taking a picture. Goggles uses image recognition technology to recognize objects and return relevant search results. Identifies products, famous landmarks, storefronts, artwork, and popular images found online. Goggles can translate words in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese & Russian

- Scan barcodes and QR codes
- Recognize famous landmarks
- Translate by taking a picture of foreign language text
- Add Contacts by scanning business cards or QR codes
- Scan text using Optical Character Recognition
- Recognize paintings, books, dvd, cds, and just about any 2D image
- Solve Sudoku puzzles

More Info:

TapeMachine v1.11.0 (1.11.0) Android Application Apk Free Full Version Download

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TapeMachine v1.11.0
Requirements: Android OS 1.5 - 2.3
Overview: TapeMachine is a high-quality sound recorder and editor with waveform display.

TapeMachine is a high-quality sound recorder and editor, featuring a powerful waveform display.
Record, edit, send.. You have a mini studio in your pocket!

- zoom and scratch
- select, export, edit, undo
- fade in, fade out, normalize
- looped playback
- record when locked
- up to 2h/file
- input gain and auto-gain
- send by mail, dropbox, etc..
- use front or back mic (if available)
- set engine samplerate, latency, ..
- rec/play/convert WAV, AIFF, OGG, FLAC

What's in this version:
add reverse effect
fix editing files located on the external sdcard
fix checkbox in dialog when deleting a single file
optimize waveform rendering
reduce risks of lag/freeze
end of support of Android 1.5 for technical reasons
green version: add online activation, allow re-activating on a new device
update EULA: change introduction and clause 10., add clause 12.

More Info:

Download Instructions:


Splashtop Remote Desktop HD v1.9.6.5 ( Android Application Apk Free Full Version Download

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Splashtop Remote Desktop HD v1.9.6.5
Requirements: Android 3.0+
Overview: The highest performance remote desktop app with full video and audio support!


The ONLY remote desktop app capable of bringing full interactive video, audio, PowerPoint animations, and even 3D gaming to your Android / iOS phones or tablets!!

* Watch Hulu, Netflix, AOL and Yahoo Flash videos, and watch DVD, Media Center, and iTunes from your PC / MAC

*Optimized for Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and nVidia Tegra 2 tablets -- Motorola Xoom, Asus Transformer, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Acer Iconia Tab A500, Acer Picasso, LG G-Slate, etc. 

* Access your PowerPoint and Keynote with FULL animations and sound
* Access Microsoft Outlook with folders and archives
* Play 3D games on your PC / MAC
* Access your FULL PC / MAC browser -- IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, with Flash, Java, and your favorite plug-ins support
* Play Flash games like FarmVille, CityVille, FrontierVille, and other Facebook games through your remote PC

*** "Both a breakthrough and a bargain." -- New York Times
*** "Splashtop Remote is ... extremely easy to setup" -- Pixelatedgeek.com

Fast and easy setup:
* One click access to your computer desktop with minimal setup
* Supports all versions of Windows 7, Vista, and XP, including Home Premium
* Supports Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard is required for Mac users)
* Dual-core CPU strongly recommended for best performance

What's in this version:
-Now works on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1!
-Support fully qualified domain name in computer IP address field

More Info:

Download Instructions: 


Ringtone Maker Pro Free v1.45 (1.45) Android Application Apk Free Full Version Download

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Ringtone Maker Pro Free v1.45

Requirements: Android 1.5 and up
Overview: The best in the market. Cut and add effect to any sound file to make a ringtone.
Create ringtones fast and easy with Ringtone Maker. As this is the Pro version, it supports more file formats than the simple version. This version also has better operating system integration.

Make ringtones from your own sound files, your own music or sound recordings. You can easily search through your ringtones and sound files and create new ringtones.
Ringtone Maker Pro is now free for download and ad supported. Some of the permissions are for the ads to work. Thank you for understanding.
Make free ringtones, share them with friends. Have your favorite music set as your ringtone, have your favorite part of a song wake you up in the morning.
This application can customize your ringtone but it can also customize your Alarm or Notifications.

- MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR and other audio file support
- Create ringtones, alarms, notifications from your own songs
- Record music or sounds with your phone and edit them
- Integration with operating system
- Application is free to download

More Info:

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