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Google Earth v6.1 (6.1) Android Application Apk Free Full Version Download

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Explore the world from the palm of your hand with Google Earth.
Use Google Earth to fly around the planet with the swipe of a finger. Explore distant lands or reacquaint yourself with your childhood home. Search by voice for cities, places, and businesses. Browse layers including roads, borders, places, photos and more.For tablet users on Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), you can now enjoy a new Google Earth experience optimized for the large screen. With a new action bar, you can get easy access to search, reset-to-north, my location, and layers. Also, on tablets and select Google Earth
phones, you can now explore the same photo-realistic 3D buildings that have previously only been accessible with the desktop version of Google Earth. Visit the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Taj Mahal in India, or the Sydney Opera House in Australia, all in their full 3D glory! To view 3D buildings, just select ‘3D Buildings’ from the layer menu.
You can easily navigate with your fingers, using:
* a one finger swipe to move the globe* a two-finger pinch and rotate to zoom in and out and rotate your viewpoint* two-fingers swiped together to tilt your view* a one single finger double-tap to zoom in and * a two-finger double-tap to zoom out

Password: biggestgames.blogspot.com

Download From Qr Scanner:
Download Google Earth v6.1

Video Downloader Lite v1.4 (1.4) Android Application Free Full Version Download

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(+ In v1.4 reported bugs are fixed.
+ Searching, watching (fullscreen) and downloading(background) great videos is easier and more fun now.
+ Hope you will enjoy the app and give feedback :)

* SEARCH, WATCH, SHARE and DOWNLOAD videos using Video Downloader Lite.
* You can watch your videos on fullscreen.
* Downloaded videos can also be found on /mnt/sdcard folder to transfer other devices.
* Stay tuned as Video Downloader Lite becoming a great application.
* This is the ad-supported version. The ad-free, full version can be downloaded from https://market.android.com/details?id=com.vdownloader orhttps://slideme.org/en/application/video-downloader-0
(You do NOT need a Flash player to watch videos.)

Download via Mediafire.com:http://www.mediafire.com/?0zn4lzv8lzs208y
Download use a QR code scanner
QR Code of Video Downloader Lite for Android
  1. 1. Open your prefered QR code scanner
  2. 2. Point your phone camera at the QR code below and scan it (click the QR Code to enlarge).
  3. 3. Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the installation.

The Candy Factory HD v1.0.3 (1.0.3) Android Game Apk Free Full Version Download

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Two children get wrapped up and swept away by a giant cloud of cotton candy! Enter a world where the sweetest dreams are realityThis story is crammed full of magical fantasy, adventure and cotton candy! It’s the sweetest and most colorful treat to hit TouchyBooks yet. Let your child’s imagination run wild with an explosion of color and creativity!
One night, two very lucky children staring out of their window, get wrapped up and swept away by a giant cloud of cotton candy! After falling down a rainbow colored tunnel they find themselves in the mysterious candy factory.
Fuzzy little creatures unravel all the extraordinary secrets of the factory, a whole new world that you can’t imagine… where NOTHING is impossible! The Candy Factory is real overdose of eye candy! It’s packed with elaborate visual effects, touchable objects that burst into all things bizarre and eccentric!
With 17 pages of interactive fun, this is a must-read morality tale for children as they’ll learn how generosity triumphs over greed, and the hazards of excessive consumption.
The Candy Factory HD

Download Instructions:

FartDroid Fart Machine v6.5 (6.5) Android Application Apk Free Full Version Download

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The Original FartDroid!
Funny farts for everyone. It will make you smile!

Record your own farts and play them for your friends!
Submit your best fart for a chance to be featured in FartDroid.
Loud Farts, Squeeky Farts, Wet Farts, Explosive Farts, and more! Too many Farts to list!
FartDroid Fart Machine

Simply hold down the button of the fart that you want to set as a ringtone, notification or alarm.

Download Instructions:

Quran Android v1.5.2 (1.5.2) Android Application Apk Free Full Version Download

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Quran Android is a free, open source Quran application for Android devices. There are many features under development. Please send us your feedback and feature requests and keep us in your prayers!

Quran Android provides the following features:
- Audio recitations are available for streaming and downloading with highlighting support (tap the screen for to get the audio toolbar).
- crystal clear Madani compliant images.
- beautiful and smooth page transition effect.
- works on Android phones without Arabic support.
- landscape mode for even larger fonts and more comfortable image viewing.
- bookmarking of an unlimited number of pages (tap the screen to find the bookmark 

Quran Android- translations in many different languages (currently, Arabic Tafseer, English Sahih International Translation, French, German, Indonesian, Malay, Spanish, Turkish, Transliteration, Bosnian, Russian, Bengali, Kurdish, Somali, Dutch, Swahili, Malayalam, Azerbaijani, Tamil, and Urdu) with more coming soon.

- search your favorite translation.

*Please Note* - we need phone state permissions so we can stop the audio playback when a phone call comes in (otherwise, it would continue playing). also, we need internet to download data due to the limitation on non-sdcard memory on most android phones.
Because Quran Android is an open source project, it makes it easy for anyone to contribute and help improve the project. we are also open to hearing your suggestions to make Quran Android the best Quran application on the market.
Recitations available:
Abd El Basit - Abdul Basit Mujawwad - Abdullah Basfar - Abdurrahmaan As-Sudais - Abu Bakr Ash-Shaatree - Alafasy - Ghamadi - Hani Rifai - Husary - Husary Mujawwad - Hudhaify - Maher Al Muaiqly - Minshawy - Minshawy Mujawwad - Mohammad al Tablaway - Muhammad Ayyoub - Muhammad Jibreel - Saood Ash-Shuraym - Ibrahim Walk (English)
Tags: Quran, Qur'an, Koran, Coran, Islam, Quran.com

Quran v7.2 (7.2) Android Application Free Full Version Download

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The entire Quran for free, English, Arabic + transcript + recitation in Arabic
The entire Quran for free, English, Arabic + transcript + audio recitation in Arabic
Follow me on Twitter :

/!\ if you find errors or if you have any comments PLEASE EMAIL ME THE BACK and not in the comments, I can not answer easily /!\
Error 403: All operators does not allow downloading mp3, unfortunately I can not do anything.
If you can, contact your customer service to give me more information.
Advanced features:
* Texts
- English and Arabic texts
- Arabic transcription
- Consultation Manzil, Juz 'and Hizb'
- Changing the size and style of each text
- Search
- 99 Names of God
* Audio
- Recitation in Arabic
(Sheikh Sa'ad Al-Ghamdi, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, Sheikh Sa'ud Ash-Shuraim, Sheikh Ali Al-Hudhaifa, Qari Abdul Basit)
* Various
- Integration with the phone quick search
- favorites
- comments
- tags
- Export / import data
- Bookmark
- Fast access
- Sharing documents via email, sms, etc ...
Use the volume of sound to easily scroll through the verses.
Instead of paying for this application, which will remain free, please donate to those in need.
Tags: Coran, Quran, Islam, Muslim, Musulmans, quoran, Ramadan
Download Now:

PicsArt - Photo Studio v1.0.0 (1.0.0) Android Application Free Full Version Download

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Latest version: 1.0.0 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)
INSTALL PicsArt, All-in-One Picture Editor!

PicsArt (formerly PicsIn Photo Studio) combines the best features of many photo applications it is one of best and most complete photo editors available for free in the market for Android devices.Picture editor (Formerly Photoid) - Tons of photo filters, collage, frames, stickers, text effects, clipart graphics, crop, rotate, adjust color and add artistic effects.Magic effects - awesome artistic photo effects such as Stenciler, Cartoonizer, Sketcher, Orton, Lomo, Vintage, Cross Process, HDR, Fattal, Pencil, Holgaart and more!Draw (Formerly AnDrawing) - Many drawing effects, draw sticker mode, callouts, Artistic brushes and text styles! Draw on your Facebook friend's photos and share your artwork with World!Sharing - quickly share with family and friends in PicsArt social network or by posting / uploading photos on Facebook wall, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, Fouresquare, Tumblr, Blogger and Wordpress or send photos by SMS and email.Camera - enables you to take a picture and apply various effects by enhansing standard Camera.Live Wallpaper - enjoy springing funny color lines.Site - visit http://www.picsin.com for better surfing experience of what is published in PicsArt network.Known issue: 

PicsArt - Photo Studio

* disable or remove Flash plugin from your phone because it crashes apps which are using web browser!

Screenshot of PicsArt - Photo StudioScreenshot of PicsArt - Photo StudioScreenshot of PicsArt - Photo StudioScreenshot of PicsArt - Photo StudioScreenshot of PicsArt - Photo StudioScreenshot of PicsArt - Photo StudioScreenshot of PicsArt - Photo StudioScreenshot of PicsArt - Photo Studio

FAQ:* How do I get custom fonts to work in PicsArtCheck blog at http://goo.gl/Tjzh2* I have problem with installing or updating PicsArtHere are tips how fix install or download problem, read http://picsin.com/helpFor any questions, problems or whishes please send an email to picsartmobile@gmail.comThank you for using PicsArt!

Download Links:
1 If you use your phone to access please click Download 

    2 If you use a computer to access, please download code scan 

Gigbeat Verion v1.0.3 (1.0.3) Android Application Free Full Version Download

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Latest version: 1.0.3 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)
GigBeat helps you never miss another concert by your favorite artist in your town!

GigBeat scans your device's music library and shows you when your favorite artists are on tour and where they will be. Don't have any music stored on your device? That's not a problem, GigBeat offers support for Songkick and Last.fm accounts so users can login and sync their artists from these services!

GigBeat will also remind you when a concert you've starred is coming up, or notify you when it finds new tour dates in your area for artists you are tracking.
GigBeat is currently fully supported on Android phones running version 2.1 or higher and is compatible with Honeycomb tablets, but a more polished version for tablets is coming very soon.Gigbeat Feature List:

- Scans your music library for your artists.
- Location based search so you can find out what's happening around you.
- Notifications for upcoming events, or newly added tour dates.
- Link to ticket purchasing via Songkick.com
- Sync tracked artists, events, and locations from your Songkick account. *
- Sync artists from your Last.fm account. **
- Events from artists recommended by Last.fm **

* Requires a Songkick.com account.
** Requires a Last.fm account.

Like us on Facebook http://facebook.com/gigbeat or follow us on Twitter @gigbeatapp to stay up to date with the latest GigBeat news.

If you come across any issues with GigBeat please feel free to send us an email, we will be more than happy to assist with any issues. support@gigbeat.fm. You can also go to http://getsatisfaction.com/gigbeat to provide feedback or let us know of any issues you may be having.


Windows 7 GO Launcher EX Theme v1.13 (1.13) Android Theme Free Full Version Download

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Latest version: 1.13 (for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD)

Windows 7 standard theme.


- GO SMS Pro
- GO Contacts EX

You can use with the Windows themes I have made for the above apps to match this one. You can find the matching themes in my other APPs in Android Market.

.-===[ REQUIREMENTS ]===-.

Needs latest version of GO Launcher EX installed to apply the theme. This APP is free and available throught Android Market.

.-===[ APP2SD CARD ]===-.

Yes. Must have Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) or Up.


1) In GO Launcher EX press the phone menu button;
2) Select the THEME option;
3) From the Theme listing select the theme you´ve just download and installed;
4) Select APPLY;


1) In GO Launcher EX press the phone menu button;
2) Select the Wallpaper option;
3) Select the Windows 7 Wallpapers option;
4) Select desired wallpaper and click Set Wallpaper;


Click on my Name profile to view all my Android APPs available.


If you need any help with this APP or wish to contact me, send me an email. I try to reply emails daily, if not possible I´ll reply in no more than 48hs. I do not reply emails in weekends, emails are replied from Monday - Friday.


Refunds are available for 15 minutes, if you wish to cancel the order do it during this time. If this is a free theme or APP you can cancel and try again several times. If it´s a paid application and you cancel it, the second time you order it no refund will be available.


Please, sometimes the Android Market servers becomes really slow with so many requests, if this happen you can try another time. I have no control over this issue. Some patience is required when it happens.


To help other customers, your comments and ratings are welcome and I apreciate it. Also, if you need any assistance, please contact me first before posting offensive comments. It´s better to have a help from a developer than avoid him and leaving negative public feedbacks.

.-=[ UPDATES ]=-.

All my themes are updated on a regular base to improve the theme with new features like more icons, wallpapers, etc. Requests for new icons are welcome.

Screenshot of Windows 7 GO Launcher EX ThemeScreenshot of Windows 7 GO Launcher EX ThemeScreenshot of Windows 7 GO Launcher EX ThemeScreenshot of Windows 7 GO Launcher EX ThemeScreenshot of Windows 7 GO Launcher EX ThemeScreenshot of Windows 7 GO Launcher EX ThemeScreenshot of Windows 7 GO Launcher EX ThemeScreenshot of Windows 7 GO Launcher EX Theme

Recent changes:
.-=[ UPDATED ]=-.

- GO SMS PRO & GO CONTACTS EX themes ready and available in market to match Windows 7 for GO Launcher Ex theme

- Wallpaper selector matching theme;

Download Now:

StumbleUpon v2.0.2 (2.02) Android Application Free Full Version Download

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Latest version: 2.0.2 (for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD)
StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that finds the best of everything that is out there on the web, recommended just for you. With a touch of the Stumble button, or swipe of your device’s screen, you’ll discover photos, videos and web pages recommended by friends and people sharing your interests. Pick from 500+ interests or enter a phrase in the Explore Box to see page after page of content. StumbleUpon learns what you like, so you only see what's interesting to you from across the web.With the Android app, you can discover interesting content wherever, whenever you want on your Android phone or tablet. See what others have liked as you explore web pages in any of your interests or top recommendations in Photos, Videos and News. Connect with friends by being the first to share content you like via email, StumbleUpon, Facebook or Twitter.
Want to discover the best Android Apps? Our app includes App Discovery, so you can find other great apps, recommended just for you.

For more information about permissions for this app, visit this link:

Screenshot of StumbleUponScreenshot of StumbleUponScreenshot of StumbleUponScreenshot of StumbleUponScreenshot of StumbleUponScreenshot of StumbleUponScreenshot of StumbleUponScreenshot of StumbleUpon

Recent changes:
Fixed sharing from other apps
Fixed crashes with older Android versions
Fixed other bugs

Using a Barcode Scanner 

Start a barcode scanner on your phone and scan the QR code above. This will take you directly to the Android market.

Download Link:

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