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Liberty Toolbox Pro v3.0.0 (3.0.0) Apk App Android Free Full Download

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Liberty Toolbox Pro v3.0.0 Apk Android

Liberty Toolbox Pro v3.0.0
Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: You will be the first to receive any ROM release and have access to whenever the Liberty Team releases an early build.

You will also have pro features not included in Liberty Toolbox Free like better app management, access to more of Liberty Customizer, more tweaks hacks and everything to make your phone truly yours included a ROM Manager to easily update Liberty and download the ROM, themes and extras. Support Liberty and donate through getting these extra features :)

Liberty Toolbox Pro has everything you wanted in a custom ROM. Liberty Toolbox Pro is the must have app for the must have ROM. Liberty has a great user base and many users have shown to love it.

Toolbox Features:
• App Management:

☆ Apps2SD
☆ Remove/Backup system/data apps
☆ Backup/restore feature

• Liberty Mods

☆ Switch between transition animations
☆ Change boot logos
☆ Set Build Properties * File editor included by Fr4gg0r *
☆ Install Fonts
☆ Pulldown-bar text editor
☆ Icon Chooser (change application and battery icons)

• Liberty ROM Manager

(based off braway's original work)
☆ Download TONS of themes and addons
☆ Install update.zips from sdcard
☆ Install bootstrap

• Liberty Tweaks

☆ Ad Blocker (Block/Unblock)
☆ Cache Manager (clear/move to SD)
☆ Free Memory
☆ Manage Boot Animation
☆ Torch
☆ Mount system rw, fix permissions, zipalign apps, etc.

• Reboot Options

☆ Reboot, reboot bootstrap, reboot recovery, powerdown

• Settings

☆ Automatic updates option
☆ Schedular
☆ App Theme (change theme of toolbox)
☆ Notify for ROM updates/patches
☆ Lockscreen Settings
☆ Recovery safe mode
☆ Overclocking
☆ Sysctl Support
☆ Camera Shutter Sound
☆ Tools (Spare Parts, Dev Tools, Testing Menu)
☆ Restore apps feature
☆ Set install location on boot
☆ Zipalign apps on reboot
☆ Clear cache on reboot
☆ Fix permissions on reboot

What's in this version:
- Changes for compatibility with Justice ROM (Coming Soon)!

Provided by: -Market Militia-

More Info:


Download Instructions:


Supplied by : http://SiNfuLAndroid.com

SPB Mobile Shell 3D v1.2.1 (1.2.1) Apk App Android Free Full Download

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SPB Mobile Shell 3D v1.2.1 Apk Android

SPB Shell 3D v1.2.1
Requirements: Android 2.1 - 2.3.3 (Rooted)
Overview: SPB Shell 3D: next generation user interface. Enjoy your phone!

If you are not able to launch SPB Shell 3D, please use "Home Switcher" application from Android Market.
Next generation user interface. Enjoy your phone!
To launch SPB Shell 3D press the Home button once installation is completed.

3D Home screen/launcher
Smart folders
3D widgets
Collection of panels and widgets

Check out our FAQ here:
If you are not able to download purchased application please check that your order wasn't declined by Google Checkout. You can check your order state at http://checkout.google.com.

Release notes:
This is not a cracked release, you can look at it as a 'distribution'. 8)
I found some more info on getting this application to work, either or neither you purchased it. The only thing is a rooted phone is a must.

Open any Terminal app, and after installing (but not opening) the app:
pm disable com.spb.shell3d/com.softspb.shell.service.LicenseService

To re-enable the app if it has disabled itself due to licensing:
pm enable com.spb.shell3d/com.softspb.shell.Home

best way to use this app just freeze market app by titanium backup before install

I am not responsible for stuff like it's not working, or something else that will happen. Don't kill the messenger.

Download Instructions:

Mirrors :

WiFi File Explorer PRO v1.3.8 (1.3.8) Apk Android App Free Full Download

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WiFi File Explorer PRO v1.3.8 Apk Android

WiFi File Explorer PRO v1.3.8
Requirements: Android OS 1.6+
Overview: Browse, download, upload, delete, copy, ZIP, stream and manage files via WiFi!!

Featured on Life Hacker! Best and cheapest!
Browse, transfer, download, upload, delete, copy, rename, stream and manage files that are on your Android device, using a web browser via a WiFi connection.
No more taking your phone apart to get the SD card out or grabbing your cable to access your camera pics or copy across your fave MP3s.
1. Using a web browser, you can browse, download and manage all the files on your Android device without the need for a cable;
2. Multiple batch file uploads and downloads to save you time when transferring many files at once;
3. Download entire directories on your Android device with just one simple click – for example, backup all your photos just by downloading the Camera directory;
4. Select all the directories on your Android device and do a multiple download to backup your entire SD card!
5. Download a streaming media playlist to allow you to quickly flick through and stream all the stored media files in a directory;
6. Create brand new directories and delete/rename/copy/zip/unzip files - the perfect file manager;
7. Have any application files stored on your Android device? WiFi File Explorer is also an installer, so automatically install them with just once click in the web browser;
8. Stream individual music and video files from your Android device straight to a web browser;
9. View all the camera pictures and videos on your Android device directly in a web browser;
10. Simple to use with no set up or buttons – it just works!
11. Password protected;
12. Ability to configure the port settings;
13. Full support for special characters;
14. Send an email to the web link from the app for easy connection;
15. LOTS more features in development;

What's new in version 1.3.8
Fixed the "Filename" bug
Added Polish support
Included secret "Development Goodies" settings
Tap on the title in the app 3 times to unlock them in Settings
Try out SSL and Access Point Mode

Download Instructions:


Skype v2.1.0.46 ( (market version) Android App Apk

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 Skype v2.1.0.46 market version

Skype v2.1.0.46
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Make free Skype-to-Skype calls, and call phones at Skype rates on the move

Make free Skype-to-Skype calls and video calls or call phones and landlines at Skype rates on the go.

- Free* Skype-to-Skype IM, calls and video calls over 3G or WiFi
- Cheap calls and texts to landlines or mobiles at great Skype rates
- Instant message friends at the same time

* Data plan or WiFi connection required
- Some handsets may not be supported
- You need Android v2.2 to run Skype on a Samsung Galaxy S
- Two way video calling is supported on the following handsets: Google Nexus S, HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Xperia neo, Sony Ericsson Xperia pro.

Video-calling requires 2.3

What's in this version:

1.Video calling is now available on the following Android devices:
2.Samsung Galaxy S II
3.Samsung Galaxy S
4.Samsung Droid Charge - Verizon
5.Samsung Galaxy Tab
6.HTC Desire (2.2)
7.HTC Thunderbolt - Verizon
8.HTC Sensation
9.HTC Evo 4G
10.HTC Evo 3D
11.HTC Incredible S
12.HTC Desire HD
13.HTC Flyer
14.LG Revolution - Verizon (2.2)
15.Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY
16.Sony Ericsson Xperia ray
17.Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro
18.Acer A5
19.On Android 2.2 (Froyo), only the back camera will work.

More Info:
Download Instructions:
Market version: v2.1.0.46

Skype 2.1.x.x / video-call patched to work with 
Devices reported as working so far:
SGS, SGS2, some Galaxy Tabs/Epic 4G/MyTouch 4G, some HTC Evo/Sensation/Flyer/Desire/DesireHD/HD2, Xperia Play/Ray and

Newer build Skype v2.1.0.46 v10 (15.08.2011) 
Skype v2.1.0.46 market version

FriendCaster Pro for Facebook v3.10.2.1 ( Apk Application Android

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FriendCaster Pro for Facebook v3.10.2.1 Apk Android

FriendCaster Pro for Facebook
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: FriendCaster Pro - does what the official Facebook application should!

FriendCaster Pro for Facebook - No Ads, More Features (formerly Flow) gives you the best
Facebook experience on Android devices!

Advantages of FriendCaster over the standard Facebook for Android app:
★ More Secure with Enforced SSL Encryption
★ New ActionBar UI
★ Pull To Refresh (like how the iPhone Facebook does it)

★ Gmail Push Notifications. FriendCaster can check for emails that Facebook sends to you telling you that you’ve got a notification.
★ Notifies on Facebook Messages, Friends’ Birthdays & Notifications
★ Notification Popup (which can show over Lock-screen and has Quick Reply). Similar to SMS Popup, Handcent SMS, etc.

★ Share Links from the Browser easily without being redirected to Mobile Web
★ Ability to select the privacy setting for each Facebook Status/Post you make
★ Ability to Like comments and see how many likes comments have
★ Re-Share your Facebook Friend’s Posts

★ Add Facebook Friends as Favorites for easy access
★ Ability to Add/Remove Facebook Friends Photos
★ Upload multiple photos (with Gallery)
★ View the Photos that your Friend’s are tagged in on Facebook
★ View and Tag Friends in Photos on Facebook
★ Upload Photos to Groups and Pages (that you own) on Facebook Videos
★ Upload Video to Facebook
★ Upload multiple videos with the Gallery App

Other notable features:
- Excellent Widget
- Checkin & Places
- View your Events and Groups
- View Friends, their profiles, photos and albums
- Upload High Resolution Photos
- RSVP to Events, see who’s attending and where it is
- In-built Inbox Messages view
- Vibrate, LED and Sound options

We're adding new features all of the time, so check back often!
Planned Features Include:
- Tablet layouts
- Chat
- Themes
- Contact Syncing

What's in this version:
-Fix Contact Sync using lots of Internal Storage
-Widen Checkin Places Search
-Sync Friends Birthdays
-Fix News Feed Filters
-Enable Fast Scroll to News Feed List

***TIP: Press "News Feed" in the title to jump to the top of the News Feed***

Download Instructions:


Naval Clash v1.2.0 (1.2.0) Android Game Apk Free Full Mediafire Direct Download

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Naval Clash v1.2.0

Requirements: Android 2.0 and up
Overview: The classic battleship of the day when computers were still huge.
Play classic battleship game from your childhood. Setup your ships on the field, then shoot enemy's ones.
The objective of this guess and shoot game is to find and sink all enemy ships. You should do it faster than your opponent.

- Nice hand drawn graphics
- Single player fights with your Android
- Multiplayer clashes via bluetooth
- Worldwide battles on the Web
- High scores
- Global high scores
- Supports Honeycomb tablets
- Free, no Ads.
- App2SD

More Info:

Bubble Maniac v1.0.1 (1.0.1) Android Game Apk Free Full Mediafire Direct Download

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Bubble Maniac v1.0.1

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: If you like bubble shooting, you have to play Bubble Maniac!
The most classic bubble shooting game, with brand new item balls and HD graphics! There are 200+ challenging levels waiting for you to clear up!

More Info:

BatteryChecker V-Spec v1.0.2 (1.0.2 ) Android Application Apk Free Full Mediafire Direct Download

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BatteryChecker V-Spec v1.0.2

BatteryChecker V-Spec v1.0.2
Requirements: 1.6 and up
Operating System: Android
Overview: Paid edition of BatteryChecker which indicates battery level like a gas meter.

・Remove all ads.
・Add Widget Images.

Release info:
Retail supplied by Droidphan
Cracked by Twingo


GO Contacts EX v2.02 (2.02) Android Application Apk Free Full Mediafire Direct Download (Paid Themes included)

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GO Contacts EX v2.02 (Paid Themes included)

GO Contacts EX v2.02 (Paid Themes included)
Requirements: Android OS 2.0 +
Overview: Brought to you by GO Dev Team , GO Contacts EX is yet another powerful tool, ideal replacement of stock Contacts and Dialer. It is featured by fast search, grouping, duplicates merge and secure backup/recovery.

1. Quick find: by any letter, name, company, keyword.
2. Group contacts: Drag&group; batch SMS or email by one-key press.
3. Merge duplicated identified by name,phone number or by email address.
4. Smart dialing: Only remember fraction of contact’s number or name? No problem, just press keys, it will give the matches.
5. Speed dial:press on keys call someone.
6. IP Dial:Chinese area IP dial supported.
7. Theme supported: Dark (included) and Spring, Ice Blue (download separately)
8. Backup / restore: Save contacts to or restore them from SD card, safe and secure.
9. Number attribution: Show the registered location of phone number (Only available in Chinese version. Plugin download separately).

Themes included:
+ UFO theme
+ Future Theme
+ iPhone Theme
+ Graffiti Theme
+ Ice Blue Breath
+ Spring Theme
+ Wallet Theme
+ Beach theme
+ Casino Theme
+ Green Theme
+ Metal Theme

V2.02 Update(2011-08-15)
1.Added Hacker theme.
2.Optimized program properties.
3.Fixed I9000 dial errors.
4.Fixed FC issues.
5.Fixed some other bugs.


Google Maps v5.8.0 (5.8.0) Android Application Apk Free Full Mediafire Direct Download ( + Mod with World Navigation activated )

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Google Maps v5.8.0 ( + Mod with World Navigation activated )

Google Maps v5.8.0 ( + Mod with World Navigation activated )
Requirements: for all Android versions
Overview: Get Google Maps with Navigation (Beta), Places, and Latitude

*Navigation: Free, voice-guided GPS navigation system
*Places: Find, rate, and get recommendations for places
*Latitude: See friends on the map and check in at places

Keywords: Google Maps, Navigation, Places, Hotpot, Latitude, directions

What's in this version:
Personalize Place pages by uploading pictures from your visit
Manage your starred and recently visited Places in the 'My Places' tab
See descriptive terms for Places in search results and Places pages
Add a new place to Places when checking in

Google Maps v5.8.0 Mod - With World Navigation activated
This map is for the country that cant use navigation on google map. It has been hacked and can be used by any country now.

worldwide navigation using Google Maps Directions
map tiles caching on SD card
force-enable MT. If you're on Eclair or some custom Donut and don't have multitouch zooming, then maybe this will enable it.
force-enable Buzz feature
fix for map shift issue in China
option to hide zoom buttons
installable on non-rooted devices

How to install re-sign version:
1. In Titanium Backup, select Maps and make a backup.
2. Select Maps and wipe data, then uninstall.
3. Select Street View and wipe data, then uninstall
4. Install maps5.5.0-ownhere-resign.apk
5. Go to market, and reinstall street view.

or ADB

first uninstall Maps from /system/app

adb remount
adb push /maps5.8.0-ownhere.apk /system/app

1. The upgradable version of Google Maps must be placed in /system/app directory, and no installation process, you must first uninstall the original map, official map of any future upgrades can be used directly, there's no need to uninstall Uninstall using the Application page or the guide above.

For those who get the "Login Failed" message, and don't get the three warning triangles .

1. Install original maps from market.
2. Sign in and join latititude (or not join latitude, I use it so heh)
3. Back up maps in titanium, app and data.
4. Wipe date and uninstall maps
5. Install resign version. DO NOT RUN, reboot right after installing.
6. After reboot, go to titanium and restore DATA only.



Titanium Backup PRO v4.0.2 (4.0.2) Android Application Apk Free Full Mediafire Direct Download

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Titanium Backup PRO v4.0.2

Requirements: Android 1.5 and up
Overview: EXTREMELY powerful tool. Backup ALL apps, Market links, remove bloatware & MORE!

☆Over 2.2 million users, 23+ languages!
☆Needs ROOT, Android 1.5-3.1+
☆PRO Key is available on Market!
☆Voted #1 TOP ROOT APP on Twitter.
☆Problem? See matrixrewriter.com/wiki
☆Internet used for Dropbox/Changelog
☆AVOID "unofficial" TB versions: they cause infamous "package signature" errors!
☆ ☆ ☆

Titanium Backup is the ONLY tool that can backup, restore, freeze (with Pro) your apps + data + Market links. It fully supports protected apps & system apps. You can do 0-click batch & scheduled backups. You can move any app (or app data) to/from the SD card. The PRO version adds EVEN MORE awesome features: 0-click batch restores, multi-user app data, Dropbox sync, keep several backups per app, conversion between user <=> system apps, Dalvik cache cleaner & WAY MORE!

What's new:
• Improved Market auto-updates editor, which can disable auto-updates for built-in apps (eg: YouTube) now.
• Fix for TB 4.0.1 not launching on some devices (sorry!).
• Updated translations.

More Info:

SNesoid (SNES Emulator) v2.2.4 (2.2.4) Android Application Apk Free Full Mediafire Direct Download

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SNesoid (SNES Emulator) v2.2.4

SNesoid (SNES Emulator) v2.2.4
Requirements: for all Android versions, supports App2SD
Overview: SNesoid is the very famous Super Nintendo emulator for Android.


- Very fast
- Run nearly all games (Mario RPG, StarFox ....)
- On-screen keypad!
- Save states
- Cheats
- Net-play (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi)
- Super scope
- Fast-forward
- Screen upside-down

Fixed crash on Nexus S.


Archer Master v1.0.1 (1.0.1) Android Game Apk Free Full Mediafire Direct Download

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Archer Master v1.0.1

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: Do you know what it takes to become a master of archery?
In Archer Master, you are a novice archer struggling to become a master of the bow. The sensei who guides you is a harsh taskmaster, hard to please. But don't let him shake your confidence: you know you possess the skill and discipline to achieve archery mastery.

The art of archery is primarily mental. Your aim must be delicate, your responses quick: tilt your mobile to get a fix on the target, keep it steady, and then strike--with a tap of your finger. Sound simple? It's not. The game responds to the slightest tremor from your phone's motion sensor, so finding your target and holding it can be a serious challenge, particularly as the wind resistance and your distance from the target increase, and your time allotment shrinks.

The game is divided into several episodes. Each one consists of 15 levels. Every time you pass a level, you'll be rewarded with stars demonstrating your achievement. As you move forward, you'll notice the game poses steeper and steeper challenges for you, in terms of time, distance, and wind. But if you don't give in, you can refine your skills to those of a true Archer Master.

More Info:

Greedy Spiders v1.0 (1.0) Android Game Apk Free Full Mediafire Direct Download by CyberAndroid

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Greedy Spiders 1.0 by CyberAndroid
spiders hit come to municipality and they are planning on dining their friendly neighbors.
Use your info in this elating puzzle mettlesome and prevent the Spiders from actuation their plan through.

Carefully plan your escape from Wild Hills, Scary Crypts and some other scenarios to reach the final revilement scene.

Thinking of an cushy game? Wait until you find yourself handling with up to three grievous and famished spiders.

As you advancement finished the levels, newborn actions, newborn spiders and newborn surprises will be available.
Deceive a spider, burn downbound the programme web or even advert a glorious power to save a bug...use everything at your hands to avoid being ingested in this breath attractive journey



Crazy Snowboard Pro v1.1 (1.1) Android Game Apk Free Full Mediafire Direct Download

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Crazy Snowboard Pro v1.1

Requirements: Android 2.0.1 and up
Overview: Intense 3D snowboarding action! 30 missions! 24 riders and boards! 16 grabs!
The #1 mobile snowboard game in the world with more than 9 million players! Now XPERIA PLAY optimized!

** This Pro version of Crazy Snowboard has no ads and includes 11 additional boards and riders to unlock. **
- No ads
- 11 new bonus boards and riders, including "The Ninja"!
- Eye-popping 3D graphics
- "WiFi Remote" control
- 30 missions
- 24 different riders
- 24 boards
- 16 touch-activated in-air tricks
- Smashable obstacles: zombies, snowmen, elves!
- Intuitive controls
- In-air trick system
- XPERIA PLAY optimized
NEW: Use your phone as a game controller for your Tablet using the new "WiFi Remote" feature!!

More Info:

Equilibrium v1.3 (1.3) Android Game Apk Free Full Mediafire Direct Download

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 Equilibrium v1.3

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up, 1GHz CPU, 800x480 touch screen resolution or higher
Overview: Use strategy to lead your nation to glory and prosperity, or bloodshed and ruin!

In Equilibrium, players are faced with the eternal conflict between two nations. There is the nation of Order - pure and noble in its intentions, yet often immoral in its actions. And there is the nation of Chaos – wild and unruly, but its subjects are glad to live (and die) by the spear. You have an opportunity to make complex strategic choices and decisions from within the ranks of either nation.

The game was originally inspired by tower defense games and shares some similarities with classic RTS games. Yet in practice you'll see that the game mechanics and challenges presented are quite unique. Unlike most RTS games - you cannot control your warriors individually. Just as in real life, they have minds of their own. Unlike most tower defense games - there are always two villages. To win - you must attack, not just defend.

You will use limited resources to direct the construction of buildings, purchase upgrades for them and recruit warriors. Knowing the specifics of each item for sale as well as when and where to spend resources are key ingredients of success in Equilibrium. To master this game, you will not need fast fingers... You will need to demonstrate sharp and quick-witted thinking to efficiently manage your army's resources.

- Unique interfaces and gameplay styles for both Chaos and Order
- Soul gripping narrative that brings another dimension to the gameplay experience
- Remarkably intricate 2D artwork and characters
- Highly detailed 3D graphics
- 12 campaign levels for gradually learning how to play
- 18 quick play maps for endless replayability
- 10 difficulty levels for engaging challenges
- Highly atmospheric soundtrack for full immersion

More Info:

Star Legends (3D MMO) v1.0.1.1 ( Android Game Apk Free Full Mediafire Direct Download

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Star Legends (3D MMO) v1.0.1.1

Requirements: Android 2.0 and up
Overview: Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles is a new Sci Fi Multiplayer Online Game and the second in the "Legends" franchise by Spacetime Studios. In this vast online world, you'll join millions of players from around the world on futuristic adventures through hijacked space ships, alien infested asteroids, and highly advanced science labs enshrouded in mystery. Grab your double flash guns and your nanofibre vest and carve out your reputation among the stars!

Will you bring heavy armor and weapons into the fray as the towering Commando, rain down a laser spectacle from the Operative's double guns, or leverage your advanced tech to destroy or repair anything you come in contact with as the Engineer? You'll also get to choose and develop your favorite abilities.

Star Legends is committed to a free to play experience where players may progress through the majority of content and even achieve the maximum experience and power level at no cost to you. Purchasing in game "Platinum" offers you the ability to generally save time on your progress or own unique items or equipment.

Star Legends plays over virtually any connection: wireless, Edge, 3G or 4G connections and any iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Additionally, all players connect to the same game world and play on a single server set... which means you won't have any trouble finding your friends in the game world and playing alongside them anytime.
Star Legends is XPERIA PLAY Optimized.

More Info:

Subway Zombies v1.0 (1.0) beta Android Game Apk Free Full Mediafire Direct Download

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Subway Zombies v1.0 beta

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: Escape from hungry zombies' attack in the subway.
The subway is occupied by zombies, more and more are coming. Unfortunately you are on your way going to work by subway and surrounded by hungry zombies. Try to break out of them, or you will be dead miserably.

More Info:

Coins Vs Zombies v1.1.4 (1.1.4) Android Game Apk Free Full Mediafire Direct Download

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Coins Vs Zombies v1.1.4

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: Coins VS Zombies, the latest smash-hit game released in June 2011!
Get the funniest zombies into your phone now!
Coins VS Zombies, the latest smash-hit game released in June 2011!
One of the fastest growing downloadable coins game apps in Europe and Asia!!
Coin games’ addicts must be sure to own this addictive fun game in your iPhone or Android phone!

Animated spooky-groovy tombs, pumpkins, spider webs and lanterns await the collection by all players this season!
Featuring the funniest zombies ever coupled with authentic slot machine and arcade game sound effects, be attracted by the dozens of zombie items that will drop along the way.
Just simply shoot the zombies that appear to collect more coins!
And if that’s not enough thrill, look out for creepy-looking Slot Zombies with golden hats and kill them to activate the slot machine for more mysterious, eerie gifts! More surprises await you at the exciting jackpot challenge!
Start enjoying your collection of all the special zombies as you unlock each level or even challenge the Sumo Zombie!
Coins VS Zombies guarantees that even the most serious coin game players will be kept glued to their seats for hours!

Fun-guaranteed features:
• Endless thrill of coins generating when you hit the zombies!
• Extra surprise zombie items when you activate the slot machine!
• Special zombies added when you level up!
• Even more rewards when you hit the jackpot challenge!

More Info:

Minecraft - Pocket Edition v0.1 (0.1) [Xperia Play] Android Game Apk Free Full Mediafire Direct Download

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Minecraft - Pocket Edition v0.1 (0.1) [Xperia Play]

Imagine it, build it. Create worlds on the go with Minecraft - Pocket Edition

The new Minecraft - Pocket Edition allows you to build on the go. Use blocks to create masterpieces as you travel, hangout with friends, sit at the park, the possibilities are endless. Move beyond the limits of your computer and play Minecraft everywhere you go.

* Randomized worlds
* Build anything you can imagine
* Build with 36 different kinds of blocks
* Invite and play with friends to your world (local wireless network)
* Save multi-player worlds on your own phone

*Xperia PLAY optimized*

-Released By The Market Militita-:
enjoy this first true release of MineCraft brought to you as only the Market Militia


Rainy Day2 v1.0.11 (1.0.11) Android Game Apk Free Full Mediafire Direct Download

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Rainy Day2 v1.0.11

Rainy Day2 v1.0.11
Requirements: Android 2.2
Overview: The story of ‘The Rainy Day 2’ is continued to the next day.
Mr. Skinny, who returned home from work after a hard work of dodging the rain, found out about his special ability.

However he did not show that off to others due to his typical timid personality.
In the next morning, which is like any other, Mr. Skinny overslept again because of the hard work of returning home from work yesterday.
He rushed to get ready to go to work but made sure he checked the weather forecast as a lesson from yesterday despite running late today. It says it’s a sunny day today.
Mr. Skinny came to work. Again there’s a pile of work on his desk today. He worked hard silently. After finishing off all that pile of work, it was already evening with dusk falling outside. Oh! It’s raining. Ahhh~~~ He’s resentful against the weather forecast center.
‘Oh my gosh..’ No use in resenting now. Mr. Skinny’s shoulders were drooping as he thought about how he would get home but somehow he was full of confidence. Mr. Skinny firmly stretched himself and opened up his shoulders and started running towards home. Dodging through the rain.
‘Do you like rainy days? Do you like the sound of rain?’
The rain is like a lifeline for all living things in this world. Therefore it’s a blessing from heaven. The sound which gives peace to all living things. It’s the sound of rain. The sound of rain is known to have the effect of stabilizing and relaxing people’s mind. ‘The Rainy Day’ is a game which bring back faint memories of a rainy day through the gentle sound of rain and sweet BGM.

‘The beginning of true rain-dodging’
Surpassing the original game, this game’s characteristic is to emotionally express the way home of an office worker living in this generation through the diverse experiences on the street.
‘Various item additions to support the rain-dodging’
Various and interesting items to support Mr. Skinny are added.
‘Emotion Points’
Purchase items with ‘Emotion Points’ which can be earned once a stage is cleared.

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