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Eternal Legacy HD v1.x.x (1.x.x) Updated (01/05/2011) Android apk Game Free Full Mediafire Latest

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Eternal Legacy HD v1.x.x Updated (01/05/2011)

Eternal Legacy HD v1.00
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Become part of the great cinematic landscapes in the world of this intense role-playing game - a worthy successor to the affairs of its predecessors on Android. 

Mysterious world Algoada 
• A fascinating story, full of adventure and responsibility: you - Astrian, your duty - to save Algoad from destruction and restore the relationship between man and nature. 
• Mix of fantasy and science fiction: fight with swords and guns, meet the robots and magicians and fly on our own boat! 
• provides enormous space: otrenderennye in 3D, with 360 degrees. 

Smooth system of combat 
• Dynamic combat: pre ask your attacks that will follow one after another, until it fills the scale of action. 
• Epic battles carefully traced in 3D, many animations. 
• Up to 3 characters will fight together: assemble a team and define the behavior of their teammates. 

Survive your adventure 
• Choose your own path, interacting with the environment, objects, people and enemies, or unraveling puzzles to overcome obstacles. 
• People who meet on your way, can join you, to open some secret, give any job - voiced dialogues will help you talk to them. 
• You may want to perform subtasks, which will help prolong your life and gain experience. 
• Customize your character and weapons: you - the master of his fate.

More Info:
Download Instructions:
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Radardroid Pro v2.28 Android Apk Application Free Full Version

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Radardroid Pro v2.28
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Radardroid will give a visual and audible warning when you approach any fixed or mobile speed camera in the application database.

This application will reduce possible speeding tickets thanks to the ever increasing available features. Please, check out our free Radardroid Lite application to get to know our apps.

Recent changes:
-Personal speedtraps were created with the wrong direction
-US Premium database was created with the wrong units.
-Speed limit 15mph, 25mph, 35mph, 45mph, 55mph, 65mph were shown with the wrong value

Download Instructions:

Deluxe Moon v1.39 Android Apk Application Free Full Version

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Deluxe Moon v1.39
Requirements: Android
Overview: Enjoy moon phases widget and beautifully animated zodiac circles.

Enjoy moon phases for your location, touch-n-turn the moon to change the date. Browse moon phase calendar or switch to Zodiac calendar view. Learn when the next moon phase is. Relax with automatic GPS location or set any location, date and time manually.

Are there connections between the moon and plants, human emotions, blood pressure, health or finance? Discover new amazing relationships with Deluxe Moon application!


- Touch-n-turn the moon to change the date.
- Moon phase widgets: five different types and sizes.
- Phase scan tells you exactly when the next moon phase is.
- Moon calendar with moon phases or zodiac signs.
- Moon compass.

- Animated Zodiac circles.
- Sidereal and tropical Zodiacs along with astronomical constellations.
- Moon astrology: horoscope with aspects for business, personal life and health.

- Gardening by the phases of the moon information for each phase.

Moon Parameters
- Displays current moon’s age: how far along the moon is in its full cycle.
- Percent of the illuminated moon area.
- Full names of all moon phases.
- Zodiac sign the moon is in.
- Moonrise and moonset times for your location.
- Moon timers: amount of time since moonrise and until moonset.
- Moonrise and moon set azimuths.
- Moon distance.
- Ecliptic longitude and latitude.

- Automatic positioning by GPS or cellular network.
- Network independence: the app works anywhere without Internet or cellular connections.
- Flexibility: you can manually set any location, time, date and UTC offset.
- Compass.
- SD card support.

- English
- German
- Russian

- HVGA (320×480)
- WVGA (480×800)
- FWVGA (480×854)

What’s in this version:
Added the Moon and the Sun to Zodiac circles.

If you get an error during install you will have to remove current version on your phone.

Download (4,7 MB):

GPS Tracking v2.3 Android Apk Application Free Full Version

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GPS Tracking v2.3
Overview: GPS Tracking keeps your family safe.


Using GPS technology, the GPS Tracking app tracks the exact location of your family members and alerts you when they are in trouble, using the app's innovative check in feature. GPS Tracking also lets you see sex offenders in your area.

A bit more about GPS Tracking and how it generally works:
Family GPS Tracking
-Use Android or iPhone as a GPS tracker
-Don't have one? Order a GPS locator device
-Complete privacy controls

My kids are always running all over the place, it can be hard
keeping up. With Family GPS Tracking, I get the peace of mind of
knowing that my children are safe."
- Debbie S. Customer

Use your iPhone or Android device as a GPS tracker
If you have an Android phone or an iPhone, you can use it as a personal tracking device. Install our application on the phones that you want to track, have the app running on them, and the family members (and their phones) will show up on our real-time map.

Track your family using GPS
The app allows family members to locate each other on our mobile map. Parents today are busier than ever so you can use our mobile app to track your child whether you're at home, work, or on the road.

Sure, tracking your kids with a GPS system in their backpack is great, but what happens if they lose their backpack?

Unfortunately short of inventing a way to make bad guys disappear from the world all together or a crystal ball that can tell you ahead of time when or where your child might be in danger, no system will ever be fool proof. Just because your emergency kit could be burned up in a fire before you get the chance grab it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one packed and ready to go, right? And keep in mind, a GPS tracking system should not replace teaching your child about stranger danger or letting them walk alone in unsafe areas.

What if your child doesn’t like it?

Well first of all, kids in grade school aren’t even going to know it’s there unless you tell them. And in my humble opinion at that age they shouldn’t really have a say in you making sure they get to where they’re supposed to be safely.

Now once those little ones go into junior high it’s a different ball game. Something to remember is that when using the iPhone app your child doesn’t necessarily have to be “tracked.” If you want to find a happy compromise with your tween and have them check in when they leave and check in when they get there, then do that. Which isn’t really any different than what our parents expected of us. Only with the check-in service your child can do it on the sly without their friends ever knowing they’re checking in.

Once your tween becomes a teen and is in high school, these kinds of services can be extremely helpful but how you use them is going to be up to you. Talk to your teen, know their friends, and decide from there how you can best use the services in a way that makes you feel secure but allows your teen to feel trusted. Every situation is different, so make your decision accordingly.

GPS Tracker, GPS Tracking, Tracker, Tracking, Real Time Tracking, Family Locator, Child Locator, Family Tracking, Child Tracking

More info:
Download Instructions:


TubeMate - YouTube Downloader v1.03.08 Android Apk Application Free Full Version

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TubeMate - YouTube Downloader v1.03.08
Requirements: All Android versions
Overview: ! Faster YouTube downloader ! TubeMate is tool for Enjoying YouTube(m.youtube.com)-search, related videos, favorites and downloading them to SD in various qualities

Recent changes:
- Add playlist manager(with Meridian Player)
- 4x Faster Download (Default, See Preferences)
- Overlay Download Button
- Keep Page after playing video
- Selective KB/s & kbps (See Preferences)

* Fast download mode(with multiple connections)
* Save as mp3(ID3 tag supported)
* Background, multi-download
* Share video & Share TubeMate
* Playlist as video/audio(powered by Meridian Player)

480x270: general devices
1280x720(HD): high-end devices
1920x1080(Full-HD): GalaxyTab,PC

More info:
Download Instructions:


FaceNiff v2.0 Android Apk Application Free Full Version

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FaceNiff v2.0
Requirements: *** ROOTED PHONE *** is required. Please note that if webuser uses SSL this application won't work. This application due to its nature is very phone-dependant so please let me know if it won't work for You
Operating System: Android
Overview: FaceNiff is an Android app that allows you to sniff and intercept web session profiles over the WiFi that your mobile is connected to.
It is possible to hijack sessions only when WiFi is not using EAP, but it should work over any private networks (Open/WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK)
It's kind of like Firesheep for android. Maybe a bit easier to use (and it works on WPA2!).

Release Info:
Retail (or beta) supplied by -App-The-Ripper-
Cracked by Twingo

http://www.easy-share.com/1917816856/FaceNiff v2.0.rar


TuneIn Radio Pro v4.2 Android Apk Application Free Full Version

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TuneIn Radio Pro v4.2
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: TuneIn Radio Pro offers more than 50,000 channels of news, music, weather, sports, talk, podcasts, and national networks like BBC, NPR, and SWR.

Hunting through radio stations with a dial can be fun in a nostalgic sort of way. But listening with poor reception, fumbling through clunky presets, and missing your favorite local stations while on road trips can take the fun out of it. With TuneIn Radio Pro, you can enjoy the best parts of radio without the technological limitations, wherever you take your Android device.

Find what's on the radio within a couple of taps, whether it's in your hometown or across the world. Listen live to your favorite AM or FM stations, DJs, and programs, or search to unearth new stations on local, global, and Internet radio.

TuneIn Radio Pro offers more than 50,000 channels of news, music, weather, sports, talk, podcasts, and national networks like BBC, NPR, and SWR for you to browse. Just pick a channel to match your mood and discover new favorites (with a little help from DJs around the world who know the music and how to mix it up).

To check if your favorite stations are available, visit the TuneIn Radio website.

Listen to music, news, talk, sports, and podcasts, and record programs to listen again later
Convenience, Customization
Tap once to see a list of available local radio stations. Select one and you're listening to live radio within seconds. You're also one touch away from listening to stations by location or by language. With TuneIn Radio Pro, you'll be humming to music, hearing the latest news, or finding out the latest score to a live game within a few taps.

Never miss your favorite programs when you use TuneIn Radio Pro's built-in alarm system. Set a time and day and the app will automatically start up and navigate to the channel for your program of choice. You can also register for an account at the RadioTime website to add favorite stations and access your favorites quickly later.

Record Your Programs with Pro
TuneIn Radio Pro gives you the ability to record programs you are streaming so you can play them again whenever you want. Just press the Record button, and TuneIn Radio Pro will save the audio as long as it continues to stream. There's even a Recordings tab so you can play, pause, and rewind your recordings, just like a DVR.

What's in this version:
-ESPN radio channels are now available
-New feature to delete unused preset
-Fixed bugs
-Numerous playback and stability improvements



Google Music Player v3.0 Android Apk Application Free Full Version

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Google Music Player v3.0 (Official)
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Official Android player for Music Beta by Google.

The Music application features a redesigned UI and now supports Music Beta by Google.

Music Beta is a new service from Google that gives you instant access to your personal music collection on the web and your compatible Android devices without the hassle of wires or syncing.

More info:

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Smoke A Bowl v2.4.0 (2.4.0) (For Android) Android apk Game Free Full Latest

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

Smoke A Bowl v2.4.0

Smoke A Bowl v2.4.0
Requirements: ANDROID:1.5 and up
Overview: Show your iPhone friends an app they'll never get! Inhale on the phone mic to smoke! Great at parties!

* 3 water bongs! With bubble noises, pull the bowl to clear it, the whole nine yards!
* 9 different pipes!
* 9 real strains of weed!
* 3 backgrounds!
* blow out short breaths for smoke rings
* turn phone over to dump bowl
* installable to SD card (Froyo and later)

How It Works
* Pack the bowl, light it up, and inhale on the phone mic to smoke!
* Blow out on the phone to exhale smoke onto the screen
* Then turn the phone over to dump the cashed bowl

What's New:
Added the new Rasta Bong! It's the biggest bong yet.
Optimized for all small screen phones, including the Wildfire, Comet, Citrus, and many more. If you have a small screen phone the game will be much smoother now.
Smoother smoke effect on some other phones.

High Maturity

More Info:
Download Instructions:


Gameloft HD Games (Samsung GTP7100v Galaxy Tab 2) (For Android) Android apk Game Free Full Latest

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Gameloft HD Games (Samsung GTP7100v Galaxy Tab 2)

Gameloft HD Games (Samsung GTP7100v Galaxy Tab 2)
Requirements: Samsung GTP7100v Galaxy Tab 2, Samsung GT-P7300, Samsung GT-P7500, Samsung GT-P7510
Operating System: Android
Overview: I put all games in 1 pack so it will be easier for people who have a Samsung GTP7100v Galaxy Tab 2, Samsung GT-P7300, Samsung GT-P7500, Samsung GT-P7510 device.


Release Info:
Retails and cracks supplied by Twingo

Games in this pack:
Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD v1.0.8
Dungeon Hunter 2 HD v1.0.0
Hero of Sparta HD v1.0.9 (Use Motorola Xoom/Acer Iconia version)
N.O.V.A. - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD 1.1.4
N.O.V.A. 2 - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD 1.0.0 (Use Motorola Xoom/Acer Iconia version)
Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD v1.0.8 
UNO HD v1.1.1 (Use Motorola Xoom/Acer Iconia version)

More Info:
Download Links/Instructions: Install apk file and use wifi/3g/4g to download the remaining data files and to verify game data at first run.

Dungeon Hunter 2 HD: http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/N...ingo.apk_links

Doodle Farm v1.1.1.2 ( Android Apk Game Free Full

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Doodle Farm v1.1.1.2

Doodle Farm v1.1.1.2
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Create your own Farm!


The long awaited sequel from the creators of the Doodle God and Doodle Devil hit games is now available on your Android!
Over 40’000’000 players tried to create and destroy their own world in the last few months! 


“Amazing polish, much much better than Alchemy game” - Galvin

“The game provides a unique satisfying sense of discovery whenever you find a new match”, 8/10 - 

“Wonderfully unique concept. Deeply satisfying every time you discover a new element.” – GameZebo.com 

! #1 Game in 50+ countries on iPhone.
! Second prize as Puzzle game of the year 2010, JayIsGames.
! Winner of Samsung Mobile Challenge award.


Doodle Farm brings cute animals to your Android that you can use to breed and create new animals on your Farm. 
Do you know how to create a dog or a tiger? Which two animals put together can create a third one as a result? 
Does Cat + Dog = Tiger? Or does Duck + Herring = Penguin? And can a penguin fly? You will find these answers and more as you mix and match creatures to build an entire animal kingdom, starting with just four creatures.

The beautiful animals and colorful graphics will blow your socks off and let you enjoy this fantastic world of creatures. Put your cowboy hat on, because this kind of farming isn't for the faint of heart! Now you are in the role of animal creator and you have a chance to create new animals in your own way. Every time you create a new animal you can learn more about that animal by going straight to its Wikipedia page from the game and return when you know everything about it! It’s more than just farming. It’s Doodle Farm.

- Create 135+ different animals!
- Tons of funny quotes, sayings and jokes! 
- Simple one-click gameplay makes playing fun and easy!
- Extra Expert Mode for more super-fun play!
- A kid-friendly and educational gameplay!
- Learn more about every animal you create!

More Info:

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