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101-in-1 Games v1.3.16 Apk Android Game (1.3.16) Download

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117 games in 1 app!
This collection is enough to satisfy all your gaming needs!
This game is a collection of 117 games in 1 app!Top #10 game on iTunes AppStore in the Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK and many other countries!!!101-in-1 Games
★★★ 117 games for all tastes in one pack! ★★
Puzzle games, fast paced arcade action, racing, sports, cooking, shooting, sudoku and many many more!
This collection is enough to satisfy all your gaming needs!
Supported Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese

★ Subscribe to www.youtube.com/Nordcurrent for new videos and trailers!
★ Join us at www.facebook.com/Nordcurrent to participate in our competitions, win prizes and have fun!

Rar Password:everfreetech.com
Download Now:http://www.mediafire.com/?9syfsdennz4okam

Head To Head Racing - No Ads v1.1.2 Apk Android Game Download

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Race head to head with other Android phone users. Winner takes the car!
There are no ads in this version.
Car racing game. Race people from all around the world.
Start off racing a scooter, and work your way up to a Formula 1 race car fitted with KERS boost.  www.everfreetech.com
30 tracks ranging from twisting snow tracks, to multi-route street races.
Create private races with your friends.

Rar Password:everfreetech.com

Touch Racing Nitro v1.2.3 Apk Android Game (1.2.3) Download

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Half million users in one weekend! Never has a racing game felt so intuitive!
"Touch Racing Nitro" is a racing game like no other.
With 100% touch-control oriented design you will drive, drift, jump, launch nitros and fly over your opponents at the touch of a finger!Touch Racing Nitro
We've dropped the virtual D-PAD and buttons and instead your fingers become the gas, brake, wheel and nitro power, as the vehicle reacts to the position and movement of your fingers. Never has a racing game felt so intuitive on a touch screen!

Hone your Touch Racing skills in the Indoor Cup. Master the 4x4 monster trucks of the Off-Road Cup, or for the speed lovers push your super car to the limit in the Supertrax Cup!

An impressive rage of visually customizable and unlockable vehicles. Including Buggies,
4x4's, Monster Trucks, and Super Cars.

A huge range of unlockable tracks that will require different racing styles, and vehicles to master.

Sweeping Camera Angles, and realistic impacts make for an immersive racing experience.

Tournament or Time Trial where you can race against the clock or your Ghost to really master your lap times and race lines.
“Pro Tips”
- For the best technique use your thumbs not your fingers!
- Watch the Pros - check out the Hands-on trailer at youtube.com/bravogamestudios

Become a fan @ facebook.com/bravogames
Tags: Race, cars, rc, nitro, touch, offroad, nascar, f1, formula, trial, challenge, pilot, drive
Copyright Holder:
Bravo Game Studios
Supported Languages:
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Monster Truck Rally v1.04 Apk Android Game (1.04) Download

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Choose your Monster Truck between Total Destroyer,Monster Crusher,T-Rex Butcher,Sasquatch and Black Mamba!
Race on different offroad terrain types on the 4 long tracks available.
Desert ,Snowy mountains, Jungle and Country environments .
The game sports an amazing physics emulation with 2 game types: Career and Practice.

Speedway GP 2011 v1.1 Apk Android Game (1.1) Download

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Experience the breakneck adrenaline rush of hitting the dirt track at 80MPH
The official Speedway GP 2011 game delivers all the action, excitement and death-defying thrills of speedway motorcycle racing! Experience the breakneck adrenaline rush of hitting the dirt track at 80-MPH - with no brakes! - in the Android Market’s premier motorbike racing title.Speedway GP 2011
Speedway takes place on oval dirt tracks, with riders reaching up to 80-miles per hour on the straights, and then power-sliding into the corners at full speed; and all with no brakes. The single-gear motorbikes are fuelled by methanol, providing a significantly more explosive compression ratio than standard fuels, and resulting in dangerously high speeds with very little in the way of safety measures.
Speedway GP 2011 brings all this adrenaline-fuelled excitement to your Android device with beautifully detailed 3D visuals and exhilarating realism. Race around 11 different real-life stadiums as you step into the intrepid boots of 15 actual speedway superstars in the most daring, dangerous and dynamic motorcycle racing game on the Android Market.
Speedway GP 2011: No brakes, no gear, no fear!
- Official mobile game of the Speedway Grand Prix Series
- Breakneck motorcycle racing action, unrivalled on the Android Market.
- 11 realistic real-world stadiums to race around as you compete for the Speedway Grand Prix Title.
- 15 real-life speedway riders to play and compete against.
- Includes full season results and statistics.
- Detailed, lifelike high-speed 3D visuals.

GnarBike Trials Pro v1.2.4 Apk Android Game (1.2.4) Download

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Gnar Bike Trials an awesome Motorbike game.
Gnar Bike Trials an awesome free Motorbike game.
Race on your motorbike through 50 levels in this physics based motorcycle game! Build your own levels and share them with your friends!
Pro Features:
More Levels with new physics objects!
No Adverts! www,everfreetech.com
WARNING: Some pro levels will malfunction on some 600MHz phones. This issue will be fixed ASAP!
50 challenging levels.
Expert Mode - Super Addictive!
Level Sharing!
Control your rider with 3 different choices of controls.
Beat your friends by getting the best time on the OpenFeint leader boards.
Build and Upload your own levels in the in-game level builder.
Game hints:
Lean back to get a faster top speed.
Level Builder Instructions:
Top Left - "Repeat button" - creates whatever item you were last touching.
2nd Top Left - Saw & Hammer - "Build Button" - opens a list of items to build the level with.
Middle Left - "X-Drag/Rotate" - Switches between rotating and moving the object away/towards you.
2nd Bottom Left - "Gravity Button" - When touching an object, touch this to add physics/gravity.
Bottom Left - "Bin" - When touching an object, touch this to delete it.
Top Right - "Background" - Puts it into background mode, click a background block to delete it, click empty(blue) space to bring up the background menu and select background.
2nd Top Right - "GridLock" - Turns object grid lock On/Off.
Plus/Minus - Changes the object size/type.
Menu - Save - Saves current Level.
Menu - Load - Loads previously saved Level.
Menu - TestTrack - Changes to Test/Play mode.
Whilst touching an object, use a second finger to rotate it by sliding your second finger up/down. By moving your second finger left/right you can drag the object out from under you finger making it easier to see.
Xperia Play Controls: Left-Lean Back, Right-Lean Forward, x-Accelerate, o-Brake, Start-Pause Game, Select-Reset To Checkpoint. You can hide the Arrows in the options menu.
If you find the game is lagging a bit, try turning off the scaffolding in the options.
Please email/facebook message if you have any problems.

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Skyball (3D Racing game) v2.09 Apk Android Game (2.09) Download

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Skyball is a challenging racing game taking place in a disorienting 3D world.
Skyball is a stunning, challenging 3D racing game taking place in a disorienting, unsettling world.
Keep your ball on the track and be the first to cross the finish line without falling into the sky. You will quickly find out that the laws of physics as you know them have been twisted, that everything is upside-down, or the other way around, making you feel completely lost and disoriented.
Concentration and reflex will be necessary if you wish to survive and be victorious.

* Skyball uses the accelerometer for game control: the orientation of the device defines the rotation of the ball on the track. The sensitivity of the accelerometer can be modified in the game settings, as this parameter can significantly change the game experience, it must be adjusted carefully to best suit your needs for precision and accuracy.
* The speed of the ball is controlled by the touch panel. The screen is divided vertically into 2 parts. Pressing the right part of the screen makes the ball speed up; pressing the left part makes the ball speed down.
* Speed is not the key to victory, simply a tool to lead your way, and your worse enemy if untamed. If you can manage to control and adjust your speed wisely and thoughtfully, accelerate when the timing is right, slow down when the path and the obstacles become treacherous and hazardous, you will find out that no one can stop you from your victory.
Tags: android, game, race, racing, speed, fast, action, arcade, challenge, tilt, hard, sky, skybox, skyball, opengl, 3D, 360, smooth, tunnel-like, peaceful.
2.09: We can modify in the settings the axis uses for the motion (this can be different for some devices)
2.08: Application can be moved to sd card
Download Now:

Drag Racing Pro Tunes v7.0 Apk Android Game (7.0) Download

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The best app to compliment Creative Mobile’s Drag Racing! 
Do you want to learn to tune like the Pros? Look no further, included is a complete how to tune guide with instructional video. Now you too can tune all your favorite cars on your own and get that satisfaction of knowing you did it!
Launching in 1st gear not your thing? No problem, you’ll also get 2nd gear tunes for all Pro League levels making that HOF climb that much easier. Thats 40 Pro League Tunes plus 29 Bonus tunes for a total of 69 tunes!Drag Racing Pro Tunes
Check us out on YouTube where we teach you how to drive the tunes so you'll have the best chance to hit listed time. Are you a pro at shifting? Great! Some users have achieved faster than listed times.
With Pro Tunes you will easily beat every boss, win more races in Bet to Race challenges and get that big red star showing off your Hall of fame legendary status. Pro Tunes also includes driving videos so you can see for yourself how the car performs as well as how it should be driven. Earn Cash and Respect Points quicker when you’re finishing higher with Pro Tunes.
Level 1 Mazda RX-8 1st gear 12.367 (challenging launch, faster time)
Level 1 Mazda RX-8 2nd gear 12.374 (easier launch, consistent time)
Level 2 Honda s2000 1st gear 10.617
Level 2 Honda s2000 2nd gear 10.637
Level 3 Nissan Skyline 1st 9.949
Level 3 Nissan Skyline 2nd 9.986
Level 4 BMW M3 1st 9.575
Level 4 BMW M3 2nd 9.580
Level 5 Lamborghini G 1st 9.399
Level 5 Lamborghini G 2nd 9.408
Level 6 Lamborghini G 1st 8.621
Level 5 Lamborghini G 2nd 8.640
Level 7 Audi R8 V10 1st 8.300
Level 7 Audi R8 V10 2nd 8.303
Level 8 CM F1 1st 7.874
Level 8 CM F1 2nd 7.879
Level 9 Ferrari FXX 1st 7.584
Level 9 Ferrari FXX 2nd 7.595
Level 10 Bugatti Veyron 1st 7.258
Level 10 Bugatti Veyron 2nd 7.269
Level 1 Honda s2000 1st 18.986
Level 1 Honda s2000 2nd 19.080
Level 2 Honda s2000 1st 16.608
Level 2 Honda s2000 2nd 16.639
Level 3 Honda s2000 1st 15.461
Level 3 Honda s2000 2nd 15.499
Level 4 BMW M3 1st 14.383
Level 4 BMW M3 2nd 14.417
Level 5 Aston Martin 1st 13.983
Level 5 Aston Martin 2nd 14.006
Level 6 Aston Martin 1st 12.861
Level 6 Aston Martin 2nd 12.879
Level 7 Novitec Rosso 1st 12.359
Level 7 Novitec Rosso 2nd 12.363
Level 8 Pagani Zonda 1st 11.626
Level 8 Pagani Zonda 2nd 11.639
Level 9 SSC Aero 1st 11.132
Level 9 SSC Aero 2nd 11.141
Level 10 Hennessey Venom 1st 10.894
Level 10 Hennessey Venom 2nd 10.896
LVL 1 Dodge SRT-4 12.444
LVL 4 Subaru Impreza 1st 9.605
LVL 4 Subaru Impreza 2nd 9.613
LVL 4 Dodge Charger SRT8 9.644
LVL 5 Aston Martin 9.418
LVL 7 Ford rs200 1st 8.359
LVL 8 Murcielago 1st 7.898
LVL 8 Murcielago 2nd 7.909
LVL 8 Audi R8 7.928
LVL 8 Saleen S7 1st 7.952
LVL 8 Saleen S7 2nd 7.963
LVL 8 Pagani Zonda R 7.888
LVL 8 Koenigsegg Agera 7.985
LVL 9 9ff GT9-R 7.637
LVL 2 Renault Clio 17.525
LVL 3 Camaro 15.505
LVL 4 Dodge Charger SRT8 1st 14.545
LVL 4 Dodge Charger SRT8 2nd 14.469
LVL 5 BMW M6 14.198
LVL 7 Aston Martin 1st 12.419
LVL 7 Aston Martin 2nd 12.431
LVL 7 Ford rs200 12.813
LVL 8 Koenigsegg Agera 1st 11.620
LVL 8 Koenigsegg Agera 2nd 11.658
LVL 8 Murcielago 1st 11.965
LVL 8 Murcielago 2nd 11.998
LVL 9 9ff GTR 11.328
Pro Tunes is not affiliated with Creative Mobile, we are just huge fans sharing our knowledge of the game to you.

Download Now:

Impossible Level Game v1.8 Apk Android Game (1.8) Download

by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

Mind-boggling brain buster, 42 annoying levels = 42 riddles
NOW CHEAPER! ONLY $0.99/Euro 0.69/£0.59
Warning: HIGHLY ANNOYING, don’t smash your phone! Called “Impossible Level Game” for a reason!
Nominated by PocketGear in the Most Innovative Game of 2010 category!
Mind-boggling game for Android. Challenge your brain in 42 annoying levels, where each level is a riddle in itself. If you get stuck, relax, breathe out the stress and try again with a fresh attitude! To spice things up, test yourself also in the time-attack mode.
Global leaderboard powered by OpenFeint. Vibrant facebook community. Adored by fans all over the world.
Praise for Impossible Level Game:
“The developers have a seriously twisted mind, and I love it. No two levels are the same, or even close to the same, and some of them are pretty damn ridiculous, which makes for some great head-scratching gameplay.” – AndroidCentral.com
“game that tests how much of a smartarse you are. …reaches parts of your brain other Android games just don’t reach” – PocketGamer.co.uk
“This is one of the most difficult and brain puzzling apps out on the market today. … Most of the levels will completely blow your mind . … You have to think outside the box for most of these.” – bestandroidapps.net
Download Now:

Space STG II - Strategy v2.0.6 Apk Android Game (2.0.6) Download

by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

Immerse yourself in a real time strategy. Explore, build, create, develop...
Space STG II - Death Rain is a sci-fi real time strategy game. It is continuation of Space STG, the finalist of ADC II competition! This is demo version with 4 free missionsSpace STG II - Strategy.
Immerse yourself in a mortal war of clans. Explore solar systems, manage cities, develop technology and create space fleet. Delightfully challenging, yet simple enough to grasp.
Game provide:
- 40 missions in scenario (1 special suprise mission) + unlimited quick missions.
- 8 ships with (ex. Transporter, Fighter, MotherShip)
- 8 upgrades of ships (ex. shoots from distance to planet)
- 7 special technology (ex. nuclear missile, electrical storm)
- 7 technologies (ex. turn back in time, tunel, enemy confusion)
AppToSD available.
Permissions description:
-READ_PHONE_STATE - used to generate id_device of phone(IMEI/MAID).
-ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - used to generate id_device of non phone device(MAC).
-VIBRATE - Vibration after explosives in game.

Pyxidis v1.1.3 Apk Android Game (1.1.3) Download

by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

Connect-3 game. Beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay and magic spells
"compulsive stuff" - PocketGamer.co.uk
You are a mighty wizard, with a penchant for creating new constellations in the sky. Use your magic wand and spells to connect three or more stars of the same colour.
Truly beautiful graphics and engaging gameplay. Three game modes: adventure with 56 stages, challenge with 98 stages and endless. A set of 15 spells available in the Magic Shop giving you hours of fun! Get Stars, the Pyxidis currency, and purchase spells! You can get free Stars for downloading other free games. This system, called Tapjoy, is also used in other games like Mega Jump or Tap Tap Revenge 4. Now you can also purchase Stars using Google's in-app purchase mechanism!
Supports Galaxy Tab and Xoom in their native resolutions. Atrix support will be added with the next update.
OpenFeint leaderboard and achievements.

Absolute Competition v1.0.7 Apk Android Game (1.0.7) Download

by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

Absolute Competition is 1 app jam packed with several free, high quality games. Currently we offer 9 full version games. And we won't stop there, we will be adding new games on a regular basis!
Absolute Competition
* Block Tactics *UPDATED* - 55 free levels of mind bending challenges.
* Jumper - Put your arcade skills to the test with 40 free levels in this fast paced game.
* Doggy Toss - A cannon, a dog, and some obstacles. Not for the weak of heart, but it's all in good fun.
* Blob Ball - You're a blob, and your opponent is a blob. See who is better at keeping the ball moving.
* Bubble Burst - Go for the high score by clearing as many bubbles as possible.
* Helicopter - This old school classic has been brought back but now play against the world with our high scores.
* The Inflatables - Inflate the balls and avoid the floating spikes or be prepared to lose in shame.
* Zombie Attack - Flick away zombies and try to protect the humans at all costs!
* Swipe It - Swipe those objects away and stay alive, it is your mission.

* 1 app, several games.
* Each game offered in full. No trials here!
* All games have high score leaderboards.
* Challenge your friends by submitting your scores to facebook.
* New games constantly added.
* No ads...none at all! www.everfreetech.com
Action games, Skill Games, Puzzle Games, Fun Games, Arcade Games, Old School Games, Strategy Games, Sports Games, Challenging Games, Addicting Games & More!

Notes: You will be prompted to install Adobe Air.
Contact: Having problems? Contact us at AbsoluteCompetition@gmail.com

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