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CamCard - BCR (Western) v3.0.1_20120129 Apk Android Application Download

Tuesday, January 31, 2012 by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

A Professional Business Card Reader
"CamCard outdoes competitors …" --The New York Times
A must-have business app for your smart phone.
Requirement: Android2.x,auto-focusing camera, support Nexus、Droid、Desire、Galaxy and etc.CamCard - BCR (Western)
Pay Once and Say Goodbye to business card black hole.
FREE TRIAL of CamCard Lite (Free) to evaluate recognition performance before purchasing full version.
CamCard is a fantastic business card reader with high recognition accuracy. Simply take a picture of a business card, CamCard recognizes the contact information and saves in Card Holder or your Address Book. Then feel at ease to manage and keep in touch with all the contacts.
✔ Recognize and save business cards in Card Holder and phone book by taking pictures of business cards.
✔ Recognize 12 languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian
✔ All your cards can be saved in the Cloud securely, privately, and never missing.
✔ Restore cards in case of accidental deleting.
✔ Manage and Synchronize cards across multi-devices with Cloud Sync.

Other Features
✔ Save recognized cards as mobile phone contacts
✔ Options to save into phone book, Gmail or other Exchange account.
✔ Save card information into different groups and accounts ✔ Merge with exiting contact
✔ Batch Scanning business cards
✔ Auto-detect text orientation
✔ Auto-rotate card images
✔ Auto-crop card images
✔ Auto-enhance business card images
✔ QR Code creation and recognition, share cards with QR Code
✔ Email Recognition
✔ Introduce your friends to each other and let them save each others' cards right away
✔ Share contact information via Email, SMS, QR Code
✔ Export all cards to VCF or Excel files
✔ LinkedIn search and send invitations
✔ Card Holder to manage all contacts and make daily correspondence including making phone calls, sending SMS, sending emails, browsing web pages and locating address on map
✔ Card Holder: Passcode protection, search, sort and grouping
✔ Display the corresponding image when edit business card information
✔ Double-side business card image
✔ Make notes to cards
✔ Creat a cardwith card templates: when creating a card manually or importing a contact from phonebook, a card will be created automatically. You can choose from different card templates.

✔ Take a picture of a business card as clearly as possible by using anti-shake and placing cards in good lighting condition
✔ To align business card edges to viewfinder edges as closely as possible

Follow us on Twitter @camcardintsig
Follow us on Facebook with CamCard
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* CamScanner
* CamDictionary


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SMS Spy Deluxe v1.3.3 NEW (1.3.3 NEW) Android App Apk

by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

SMS Spy Deluxe is the extension of the popular Android app SMS Spy. With SMS Spy Deluxe you can spy, lock and wipe the phone, SMS Spy Deluxe is installed on, with just a simple SMS.

You also receive a simple SMS with location and provider details, if/when the SIM card in your phone has been changed or you can let your phone play a noisy sound with a SMS, even if the sound has been deactivated before.

And if you have activated the NEW Move Protection feature of SMS Spy Deluxe, your phone plays a noisy alert, if somebody tries to steal you phone from your unobserved desk. SMS Spy Deluxe

Additional features compared to SMS Spy:
  1. Increased de-installation security via 'Android Device Adminstrator'
  2. Password protection for SMS Spy Deluxe
  3. Wipe/Reset your phone with a SMS
  4. Sound Alert on your phone with a SMS 
  5. IM card change detection 
No need for a special app for the locator or for registering for a special service. Just install SMS Spy Deluxe on your phone, and if you've lost your phone or it has been stolen, just use any phone with simple SMS functionality to locate your phone.

SMS Spy Deluxe for Android is mainly a background service and needs to work no explicit starting. If you have once activated SMS Spy Deluxe in the preference screen, SMS Spy is always on, even after a reboot!
To be fair: SMS Spy Deluxe is no 100% protection against lost or theft. There are still available means to bypass the protection for skilled people, but it's far more than no protection.

SMS Spy Deluxe includes no (hidden) behavior, that hasn't been documented here. It uses for 100% the official Android APIs and doesn't replace or change anything within you phone.
SMS Spy doesn't track or save anything, neither does it report anything to anybody, not even to us, the developers of SMS Spy Deluxe.
And after de-installtion of SMS Spy Deluxe nothing of this app will remain on your phone!

SMS Spy Deluxe is (a new) software, and the nature of software is: It usually contains bugs. Thus we can't guarantee that it will always work properly and on any Android device (there are so many out there, we can't test them all).
But please feel free to contact us whenever you like, ask and report bugs (especially before you comment).

Required Android O/S : 2.2+ 


Download Now: Android Market
Download Now: http://turbobit.net/eru89w7wjlso.html

EDGE Extended v1.82.1 apk (1.82.1) Android Application Download

by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

Mobigame's multi-awarded and critically acclaimed game is now on Android!
Develop your telekinetic strength by pushing a Cube within a geometric universe. But beware! You are not alone...

EDGE Extended introduces a brand new 3D graphics engine, 48 original levels, 23 unique tunes and new gameplay mechanics. Platforms, enigmas and reflexes combine to make EDGE Extended a rich and comprehensive game.
  • An original game ideally suited for mobile devices
  • 48 levels to challenge
  • 23 unique tunes!
  • New 3D graphic engine
  • A simple, addictive game for every type of player
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :
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CPU Control [ROOT] v1.1.1 (1.1.1 apk Android Application Download

by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

The main reason for making this application was that I wanted to make application related to OC/UV which will be compatible with all devices which support it, because there are lots of similar applications, but mostly of them are only compatible with some devices. This application should be compatible with the most of devices (maybe with all) which support OC and UV.

What's in this version : (Updated: January 30, 2012)

  • Added Live OC support
  • Fixed some issues with profiles

Features : 
  • Set your MIN and MAX frequencies
  • Set your Governor
  • Set your UV settings
  • Make profiles for better controlling your CPU (now only one profile is available, more profiles will be added soon)
  • Save your settings on boot
  • Get info about your CPU
  • Safe mode (NOT AVAILABLE YET)
Overclock makes your device more powerful and UnderVoltage gives you better battery consumption.
Your CPU is under your control. You can choose your frequencies and set the best optimized values for undervoltage and overclock. But choose your settings carefully. First test your settings and then after a lot of testing when you'll be sure that you will not have problem, save it on boot.

Overclock and undervoltage can be dangerous to your device. So set it carefully and only on your own risk. I don't have any responsibility for consequences.

Required Android O/S : 2.1+

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Talkdroid Messenger v0.7 apk (0.7) Android Application Download

by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

Talkdroid Messenger is a Windows Live Messenger instant messaging client or aka Msn Messenger. This is a donate version without ads. Before posting a negative comment, please email me with your problem and i will try to find out a solution. Thanks.

Talkdroid Messenger
What's in this version : (Updated : January 30, 2012)

  • Added sign in automatically
  • Added search function
  • Changed some screens and app icon
  • Changed "Change status"
  • Added set picture from camera
  • Added device name to the messenger session
  • Added a preference for show on mobile or not
  • Other minor bugs fixed
  • Follow on Facebook: http://goo.gl/9NxiV
  • MSN and Windows Live are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
  • This application is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft Corporation.
Features : 
  • Multiple points of presence. Stay signed in in your computer and your phone at the same time.
  • Facebook chat integration support. If you have your Facebook account linked with your Windows Live Messenger, you will could see and talk with you Facebook contacts!
  • Email Notification. It notifies when you have new emails in your hotmail inbox.
  • Yahoo contacts support. Now you can see and chat with yahoo contacts.
  • SMS contacts support (only in some regions)
  • Offline messages. Talkdroid automatically retrieves offline messages also at startup.
  • Group chat. Press menu button for add a contact in your conversation.
  • Windows Live Messenger 2011 chat icons.
  • Roaming profile sync: lets retrieve and update your live roaming profile like photo, display name and personal message.
  • Swipe among chats.
  • Invisible sign in.
  • Nudges.
  • Chat history.
  • Show if your contacts are connected thought Web Messenger or mobile phone.
  • Support to accept or decline contact invitations.
  • Notify when your contacts go online.
  • Show what your contacts are listening.
Required Android O/S : 2.2+


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Touch Theme GO LauncherEX v1.5 (1.5) Apk Android Application Download

by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

Follow the steps to achieve the effect in the preview screenshots. 
1. Make sure you have installed GO Launcher EX. 
2. Download and install Touch Theme GO Launcher EX.
3. Click Menu > Themes, choose and apply Touch Theme. 
4. If you want to achieve such of the fourth preview effect,In your phone desk.Then long press Phone icon > Replace > Theme Icon, and choose the corresponding icon,Other and so on. 
5.One of them is transparent icon, you can flexible use it to hide you don't want to see the APP.

6.clock widget:BobClock
Special icons are only avialable for Phone, SMS and Home Button. Feel free to tell us if you want more. Thanks for your continued support and we will keep updating this theme.

Unique Features:
1. Visualize the special effects of the three app icons in dormancy model. You will find no other theme in this style currently.
2. 60+ theme icons.
3. Sharp contrast between Black and White, giving you a feel of profession and business style.
4. Here comes the assorted GO Locker of Touch Theme. It's free. Search Touch Theme GO Locker to get it.
Android Theme;Classic;Cool;Black;White;Simple;black; business; contracted; keyboard; meticulous


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App Protector Pro [App Lock] v1.9 apk (1.9) Android Application Download

by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

Ultimate privacy protection tool for Android. Lock your SMS, Mail, Photo, Market
*Must Have! the best App Protector on Market!*
App Protector can lock any application on your phone: SMS, Message, Gmail, Photo, Gallery, Market..any app u choose. You can choose to only lock sensitive apps, while leave other apps unlocked. No more worry when show your phone to friends.
*Android 4.0 ICS compatible*
App Protector can lock your private messages and pictures without locking the whole phone. Better than vault apps! Not a Simple Keyguard! The best App Lock on Market!
App Protector Pro [App Lock]
# Lock with either password or pattern
# Automatic Locking Mode and Manual Locking Mode
# Locale Plugin and Tasker Plugin included
# Widget for quick locking/unlocking
# Build-in Password Recovery
# Powerful and Customized
Try free version? Search for App Protector Lite
If uninstallation fails,
1. Go to setting->security->device admin and uncheck App Protector
2. remove this app normally
Contact DEV on our website or forum for customer support on App Protector
Enterprise Version and other MDM solutions available. Contact Sales Plz!
keyword: protector, app protector, app lock, applock, app locking, app protection
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Handy Scanner Pro: PDF Creator v1.1.1 (1.1.1) Apk android Application Download

by Syed Faizan Ali · 0

Handy Scanner turns camera pictures into great print-ready PDF documents.
Handy Scanner Pro is a mobile application that turns pictures into print-ready PDF documents with a beautiful finish.
Note: You can try Handy Scanner Free to ensure everything works before buying and leveraging the power of the Pro version. If you are a free user, we have a really easy to use data importer so you don't lose anything when migrating!
Mobile devices are not built for scanning. But we worked hard on our enhancement for documents. This will change the way you scan. Check the screenshots to see it in action!Handy Scanner Pro: PDF Creator
We enjoyed building this application from the ground up just for Android, trying to abide as much as we can to the guidelines so that you feel at home.
You will find familiar patterns such as popunders (try flinging over a sheet) or flinging the document list to access your starred documents. We love using Handy Scanner ourselves and believe you will too.
NOTE: Our camera component allows you to take multiple photos at a time. We tested in as many devices as we could. If it gives you any problems, you can switch to the system camera in the settings. Shout us an e-mail with your device model if it gives you problems and we will try to add support as fast as possible.
Scanning a document was never easier:
- Take a picture (or several), each document can have multiple sheets.
- We do our best to detect the document inside your picture. Use a contrasting surface to achieve the best result. If our detection is not perfect, fine-tune it to your liking using simple touch movements.
- Take your pick of filters! Grayscale the picture, enhance its colors or apply our special filter for documents (star icon), it will make backgrounds white so you can print without wasting any ink!
- Export it!
We are just starting so we decided to put out the Pro version carrying a heavily discounted price tag. Unlike the free version, you get plenty of features:
- Unlimited Documents [20 in the free version]
- Unlimited Sheets per Document [5 in the free version]
- Unlimited number camera shots in a row [3 in the free version]
- Access to the highest scan quality [low, medium available for free users]
- Access to advanced fine-tune controls [contrast, brightness fine-tuning not available for free users]
- Watermark is removed from PDF files
- No ads!
Permissions Explanation:
- Access Network State, Internet: needed by our Ad provider
- Camera: We have a great custom camera that allows you to take pictures of multiple documents in one go.
- Write external storage: This is how we save your documents to the sdcard or internal storage.
- Read from the Handy Scanner database: To import data from the free version
Keywords: scan2pdf camscanner document scanner pdf paper receipt camera photo droidscan


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